Iacon One Pre-registration now available! Also souvenir, charity info

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    IACON ONE: Where things are not what they seem....
    July 7-8, 2006
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

    April 10, 2006 News

    The quantum surge has reached Iacon One, and nothing will be the same! This update:
    -Pre-registration and FAQ!
    -Special souvenir accessory set!
    -Our 2006 charity!


    Iacon One pre-registration is now available for attendees and dealers! Don't miss the fan event of the summer, featuring voice-over artist Venus Terzo and writer/editor/illustrator Bob Budiansky! You can register and pay online, or print out a PDF form and mail it in with check/MO payment. We are offering special rates until May 1, so sign up early.

    To get started, click here.

    For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, click on the FAQ tab from the registration page.


    We are excited to announce a special Beast Wars-themed souvenir accessory set. This set features all new molded parts, some metal, and is produced in cooperation with our friends at unicron.com! (Click here to see their past projects.)

    What exactly is in this set? Well, revealing that now that would spoil the surprise, but trust us when we say no Beast Wars fan will want to miss it! Quantities will be limited so include it with your pre-registration today!

    2006 CHARITY

    The Stasis Lock Group is also proud to announce our designated charity for 2006, the highly acclaimed Hasbro Children's Hospital, the pediatric division of Rhode Island Hospital.

    The Hasbro Children’s Hospital is nationally recognized for its Child Protection Program, Injury Prevention Center, and a number of allergy and asthma programs. The hospital is at the forefront of fetal surgery, orthopedics, and pediatric neurosurgery.

    A portion of the proceeds from Iacon One will be donated to the HCH, in addition to proceeds from our charity auction and other activities to be announced. If you would like to help us in our support of this charitable organization, please contact us.

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