Iacon One Pre-Registration Extended and Other News Items

Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by SkyJammer, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Greetings, all! Just wanted to update you on a few things about Iacon One from your friends at The Stasis Lock Group.

    First, pre-registration has been extended! Yes, we've still got room for people at the Special Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday night! Plus, if you still wanted to get into the dinner, well, we've got room for you as well. Click here to pre-register -- if you were on the fence, consider this a sign to join the party. But don't wait too long, we'll be closing pre-registration this Saturday, June 24! (Registrations sent by mail must be postmarked by this date as well.)

    Second, you may have read about our Non-Attendee Package, which will get you the following:

    We're now happy to announce you can pay for these online via PayPal! If you still want to download the form and send in payment, that's also fine. But this window will also close on June 24 as well, so don't delay! (Again, Non-Attendee information sent by mail must be postmarked by this date.)

    Third, with regards to the dinner, we've announced what categories for the 2004/2005 Golden Disk Awards will be presented live. While most of the winners will be posted online, we'll be announcing some winners live that Friday night. For a full list of nominees, go to the website. Here are the categories:

    • Best Comic - 2005
    • Best Episode - 2005
    • Best Fanfic - 2005
    • Best News - 2005
    • Best Toy - 2005
    • Fan of the Year - 2005
    • Screwball Fan - 2005
    • Worst Toy 2005

    Fourth, TFSource.com will be unveiling a new WST from Justitoys at Iacon One! They'll have special convention-only pricing on this and other items; to take advantage of the deals, you gotta be at the show!

    With less than three weeks to go, the excitement is building! Be part of the fan event of the summer - Join us at Iacon One!

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    It might be helpful if you had more information up about the Saturday night Beast Wars deal. What is it? And is it open to everyone if htere is room? Or is it just for preregistrants? (I'm already signed up as a dealer, but my helper asked me about this earlier and I couldn't find much about it on the Iacon site.)
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    The Beast Wars 10th anniversary celebration is currently a 'private' event for full pre-registrants (including dealers.) it'll be a more relaxed session with our three Beast Wars voice actors as we review the series, watch some clips with their live commentary, and jog their memories for stories from the show :) 

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