Iacon North@ C4 2012!

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    Iacon North, The Manitoba Transformers Fan Club, will be once again invading C4( The 2012 Central Canada Comic Con) this November 2nd-4th!


    We will be there in force showing off our perenial table of Transformers collectibles and art! As well Benzo, skinsquad, C-Spray, Haggis, Scrapper6, Leozak, niteowl, Robimus and several more club members will all be on hand with dealer tables, selling stuff, talking Transformers and having a blast all weekend long!

    Check out this video from C-Spray of all the highjinx from last year!

    C4 Comic Con 2011: Toys, Costumes, Art, MARVEL ZOMBIES, Wrestling, Behind the Scenes and Toy Runs! - YouTube

    Also C4 2012 has brought in several Transformers related guests for this years convention!


    Allan Oppenheimer, the voice of Seaspray, Warpath, Beachcomber & Breakdown from the original Transformers cartoon series will be on hand all weekend long signing autogrpahes and meeting fans! (Note, Mr. Oppenheimer will be charging an autograph fee).

    Alex Milne returns to C4 this year hot off a very busy year as the lead artist on Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye from IDW! Alex will be sketching away all weekend long for the fans so make sure you get something done by this amazing Transformers artist!


    As well other Transformers related guests include former cover artists Michael Golden & Mark Texiera and Hasbro Concept Designer Hugh Rookwood!

    Hopefully we will see you there!

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