** i will buy your g1 knockoffs at tfcon (boxes and inserts too!)

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    Hi Guys,
    I love G1 toys in their original package, with bubble and everything.
    Since I can't afford the originals, I'm interested in buying knockoffs.
    G1 MISB k/o, G1 MIB k/o, or BOX + INSERT.

    Actually Box + insert is even better b/c i already own most of these toys
    I don't care if you've opened them, so long as you haven't torn the bubble off the card. I'd like to display them as if they were sealed.

    I will only buy these at TFcon b/c I've had problems with shipping before.

    The ones I have already are:
    1) all g1 minicars... bumblebee, etc...
    2) all dinobots
    3) all insecticons
    4) octane

    I'm looking for, Mib, misb, or (PACKAGE + BUBBLE INSERT without toy):
    1) prowl
    2) bluestreak
    3) springer
    4) scourge
    5) cyclonus
    6) computron
    7) menasor
    8) devestator
    9) bruticus?
    10) red alert
    11) protectabots
    12) abominus?
    13) optimus -insert only
    14) shockwave - insert only
    15) devestator -insert only

    Thank you for looking.
    please pm me and post here.

    See you at TFcon!

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