I went to the best rock festival EVER.

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    Last night I arrived home after experiencing the Graspop Metal Meeting 2007 in Dessel, Belgium, and I had such fun I thought I'd see if I can make any metalheads jealous with the almighty list of fantastic bands I saw over the weekend:

    Friday 22nd:

    Sabaton - kinda cheesy Euro-metal. Music was good but not too keen on the singing. Had a massive noisy crowd though to say they were on at lunchtime.
    Static-X - first band I was looking forward to seeing, actually a bit disappointing due to dodgy sound on main stage. Played a few off the 1st album so I was happy.
    Vader - Splendid death metal, they were technically excellent and had good sound, one of the highlights.
    Celtic Frost - Been meaning to see these guys for ages and they didn't disappoint, awesome slow doomy metal.
    Chris Cornell - Wasn't sure if I'd like this, but he played enough Soundgarden and Audioslave stuff to keep me happy enough.
    Type O Negative - Crowd was so much bigger than the marquee it was a struggle to watch, and the sound was a bit crap, but they finished with Black No 1 so I left satisfied.
    Aerosmith - Good stage show, but a general lack of knowledge of most of their songs and the fact my girlfriend was falling asleep meant I left after about half an hour.

    Saturday 23rd:

    Lauren Harris - Put on the foot of the bill purely for the achievement of being Steve Harris' daughter. Utter tripe and she can't sing.
    Brutal Truth - Classic Grindcore, the sound was a bit muddy to appreciate the finer aspects of the wall of noise, but the crowd lapped it up.
    Lamb Of God - The first band on the main stage to really make an impression. One of my highlights.
    Stone Sour - Not too familiar with their material, but it was pretty good, went down very well.
    Life Of Agony - I don't really keep up with rock news, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the original singer, and they were brilliant, best band of Saturday.
    Cannibal Corpse - I thought I didn't like this band until I watched them, absolutely amazing, technically brilliant.
    Heaven & Hell - despite a love of Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, I just couldn't get into this lot, bit boring in my opinion.
    Tiamat - A band I didn't know, impressed me with their gothic-ish slow pounding groove.
    Korn - I insist to everyone I know that I hate Korn, but I was seriously impressed with their show. They seem to have expanded to a 8 piece band, and won me over.
    Dimmu Borgir - My favourite Black Metal band, incredible show, if only the marquee had been a bit less heaving...
    Iron Maiden - my third time seeing the Maiden, and to be honest I was unimpressed with the new material, although the stuff from Number of The Beast was appreciated. I left about half-way through after they had played Run to the Hills.

    Sunday 24th:

    Devildriver - Started the day with intent, massive circle pit showed those who had got up early were enjoying it plenty!
    Eluveitie - watched these to get out of the rain, some kind of folk/metal hybrid. Impressed me enough that I bought one of their albums from the merch stall.
    Chimaira - Played through rain, but the crowd didn't mind as they made another huge circle pit. I thought the sound was a bit muddy again, but they pulled it off nicely.
    Black Label Society - Absolutely Awesome.
    Children Of Bodom - One of my fave bands ever, they absolutely destroyed the place and were my personal highlight of the whole weekend.
    Slayer - Started a bit shakily, but once they were on to the classics they proved they are still one of the best live bands ever. It even started raining during Raining Blood...
    Mastodon - Was very hyped for this band and enjoyed them massively. The vocals were FAR too low in the mix, but in the end it allowed the impressive music to speak instead, and most of the crowd were singing anyway!
    Ozzy Osbourne - Classic as ever, still delivers despite being absolutely decrepit, watched to the bitter end and enjoyed the set hugely.

    So there you go! I can't believe I saw so many bands in such a short time, and I was incredibly impressed with the organisation and layout of the festival. About 40,000 people were there but I never had to queue for a toilet, a drink or food.

    If anyone is considering a European music festival next summer, I highly recommend GMM2008!!!!

    I may post some pictures later if anyone gives a crap and I can be arsed to upload them.

    (I hope someone actually reads this, it took me about 30 min to type, heheheh)

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