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    If Im bumping this it means I have some money if im not bumping it please dont PM me unless your giving me a really good deal on something
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    My Sale Thread

    CURRENT PRIORITIES: the more the *'s the more I want it
    anything ROTF listed below
    2.0 Cyclonus & Nightstick***********
    2.0 Hound & Ravage**********
    2.0 Inferno (voyager) ******
    2.0 Dinobot ********
    2.0 Smokescreen *****
    Energon Constructicon Maximus (dont have to be complete or perfect but intact for combining)**********

    My TF Want List: money is tight so id prefer to trade for these but send me offers and if there missing missiles I dont mind and I prefer some of em loose but MISB/MOSC works as well
    TFCC clear combiner set
    any Minicons I dont have from any line I dont want the rare ones though
    the Flame Sticker for the hood of Alternators Tracks
    Marvel TF Crossover Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America
    KO G1 Wheeljack (the high quality remake)
    KO G1 Mirage (the high quality remake)(regular version & the clear blue one)
    KO G1 Bluestreak (the blue one & the high quality remake)
    KO G1 Liokaiser
    KO G1 Predaking regular sized
    KO Robot Master Victory Leo & Star Saber set
    Botcon 09 Flak, Leozack, Razorclaw,Landshark (whichever one the Landmine repaint is)
    Botcon 08 Optimus Prime, Rodimus, Blurr, Megatron (yeah right)
    G2 Optimus Prime (the black trailer version) MUST be complete or atleast OP the trailer and soundbox and his gun and of course his fists (this was my very first TF so its very special to me)
    Classics Ultra Magnus with City Commander set
    Legacy of Bumblebee 3-pack
    any G1 that I dont already have
    Armada Super Optimus Prime
    Armada Unicron ACQUIRED
    G2 Hero Optimus Prime
    Masterpiece DVD Edition Optimus Prime
    Titanium WW Prowl
    Titanium WW Grimlock
    Titanium Soundwave
    all the WSTs
    Armada or Cybertron Bendy Prime
    Robot Masters G1 Optimus Prime
    Robot Masters Star Saber
    Robot Masters Victory Leo
    Hybrid Style G1 Optimus Prime
    RID Rail Racer (the 3 train combiner)
    RID Ruination 1st colors or the gray camo version
    Car Robots Scourge ACQUIRED
    RID Optimus Prime
    Shadow Recon Minicon Team ACQUIRED
    Minicon Star Saber team ACQUIRED
    Minicon Skyboom Shield team ACQUIRED
    Minicon Armada Astroscope and Payload (Requiem Blaster parts)
    TF Universe Micromaster combiners (Devastator, Defensor, Superion)
    ALL of the new Classics 2.0 Legends figures but none of the repaints
    25th Anniversary G1 Optimus Prime (I dont want the comics or the DVD but I want everything else to him including the voice box)
    2.0 Countdown
    2.0 Overload
    2.0 Hot Shot ACQUIRED
    2.0 Inferno (voyager)
    2.0 Dinobot
    2.0 Smokescreen
    2.0 SE Dragstrip
    2.0 SE Optimus Prime
    2.0 SE Megatron
    2.0 Superion (combiner)
    2.0 Bruticus (combiner)
    2.0 Blades
    2.0 K-Mart Minicon 12-pack
    2.0 Target 2 pack Dirge & Roadbuster (I dont need the comic I just want the figures)
    2.0 Target 2 pack Springer & Ratbat (I dont need the comic I just want the figures)
    2.0 Dropshot
    2.0 Starscream (deluxe repaint)
    2.0 Hound
    2.0 Cyclonus & Nightstick
    2.0 Inferno
    2.0 Silverstreak CAPTURED
    2.0 TreadBolt CAPTURED
    2.0 Sideswipe CAPTURED
    2.0 Powerglide
    2.0 Onslaught
    2.0 Galvatron CAPTURED
    2.0 Acid Storm CAPTURED
    2.0 Ironhide CAPTURED
    Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm
    Animated Wreck-Gar
    Animated Hydrodrive Bumblebee
    Animated Activator Grimlock
    Animated Activator Megatron
    Animated Blurr ACQUIRED
    Animated Swindle ACQUIRED
    Animated Stealth Lockdown
    Animated Shockwave CAPTURED
    Animated Grimlock
    Animated Snarl
    Animated Leader Megatron
    Animated Leader Bulkhead
    Animated Optimus (voyager)
    Animated Swoop CAPTURED
    Animated Blitzwing CAPTURED
    Animated Battle Begins 2 pack (battle damaged deluxe Megs and OP) can be only figures but they must be complete.
    Energon Sledge Constructicon Maximus limb
    Energon Wideload Constructicon Maximus limb
    Energon Bonecrusher Constructicon Maximus limb
    Energon Duststorm Constructicon Maximus limb
    Energon Megatron
    Energon Wing Saber
    Energon or Cybertron Scorponok
    Energon Omega Supreme
    Energon Landmine
    Energon Slugslinger ACQUIRED
    Cybertron Landmine
    Cybertron Primus
    Cybertron Ransack
    Cybertron Defense Scattorshot
    Cybertron Defense Red Alert
    Cybertron Optimus Prime (leader class)
    Cybertron Megatron (Leader class)
    Cybertron Metroplex
    Cybertron Blurr ACQUIRED
    Cybertron Wing Saber or Movie Wingblade
    Alternity Optimus Prime either color but red preferred
    Alternators Rodimus
    Alternators Wheeljack or Grimlock
    Alternators Hound
    Alternators Windcharger ACQUIRED
    Alternators Decepticharge ACQUIRED
    Alternators Smokescreen ACQUIRED
    Alternators Optimus Prime
    Alternators Silverstreak (doesnt need gun but must be complete otherwise)
    Alternators Ricochet ACQUIRED
    Alternators Jazz
    Alternators Prowl ACQUIRED
    Alternators Shockblast
    TFTM Wingblade
    TFTM Protoform Starscream (deluxe)
    TFTM Protoform Optimus Prime (deluxe)
    TFTM Voyager Incinerator
    TFTM Trans-Scanning Optimus Prime
    TFTM or Cybertron Mudflap
    TFTM Fracture (Mirage repaint) ACQUIRED
    TFTM Premium Jazz
    TFTM Optimus Prime (voyager or leader, Leader highly preferred)
    TFTM Premium Ironhide (doesnt need the guns but must have intact body parts I intend to do parts swapping with the ROTF version)
    ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe ACQUIRED
    ROTF individual Constructicons (NOT the big non-TFing set)
    ROTF Sideways
    ROTF Leader Optimus Prime
    ROTF Deluxe Bumblebee
    ROTF "Human Aliance" Bumblebee
    ROTF "Human Aliance" Skids
    ROTF "Human Aliance" Sideswipe
    ROTF Voyager Recon Ironhide
    ROTF Voyager Starscream ACQUIRED
    ROTF Deluxe Ravage
    ROTF Dead End (Sideways repaint)
    ROTF Blaze Master
    ROTF Wheelie
    ROTF Swerve
    ROTF BattleBlades Bumblebee
    ROTF DX Jolt
    ROTF Chromia, Arcee, Moonracer
    ROTF The Fallen
    ROTF SkidFlap (the ice cream truck) ACQUIRED
    ROTF Voyager Megatron
    ROTF Robot Replica Skids
    ROTF Robot Replica Ironhide
    ROTF Robot Replica Ratchet
    ROTF Robot Replica Jetfire
    ROTF Robot Replica Optimus Prime
    ROTF Robot Replica Jetfire
    ROTF Robot Replica Megatron

    BW Optimal Optimus
    all Classics 1.0 except Mirage
    Classics Devastator
    Henkei Astrotrain
    Henkei Silverbolt
    Henkei Optimus Prime
    Henkei Hound & Ravage
    Henkei Ratchet
    Henkei Smokescreen
    Revoltech Hot Rodimus
    Revoltech Optimus Prime
    Revoltech Starscream
    Revoltech Megatron
    hell I want just about everything TF wise so make offers

    Parts I need:
    G1 Shockwave- gun muzzle, new battery cover
    G1 Sixshot- 2 guns, 2 intact chest wings, 2 authentic back wings
    G1 Soundwave- 1 missile and 2 missile launchers
    G1 Blitzwing- Gun and Sword & 1 missile
    G1 Prowl- 3 Missiles and 1 gun all in chrome
    G1 Blurr- gun NON Targetmaster, new shield in atleast C9 shape
    G1 Thundercracker- missiles and main wings
    G2 Hero Megatron (purple tank)- small gun and 1 missile
    Alt Ricochet- intact steering rod (the part that goes under his head to keep both wheels moving in the same direction) PENDING
    Alt Windcharger- Hard Top and gun
    Alt Decepticharge- convertible top
    Armada Galvatron- intact body doesnt need ears but it must have all the ramps for the Minicon cages and must have battery cover
    Energon Sky Shadow/Terradive- (superion limbs) gun
    Energon Inferno- left side silver leg panel & Gun GUN PENDING
    Energon Optimus Prime- trailer with all doors and antenna & gun missile
    TFTM Final Battle Jazz- gun with missile

    Gundams Wanted: all must be complete for the most part (doesnt matter if there missing small minor parts) and mint
    Sandrock Gundam 1/100 HG kit
    Buster Gundam 1/100 HG kit
    Heavy Arms custom 1/100 HG kit
    Zeta Gundam 2.0 1/100 HG kit
    Skygrasper Gundam 1/100 HG kit if its real
    Burning Gundam model kit 1/100 HG kit
    RX-78 Gundam model kit 1/100 HG kit
    any Gundam weaponry kits
    any other Gundam model kits 1/100 HG or better or just lmk what you have
    Gundam weapons for any figures namely swords & guns

    Other Wanted Things
    Xbox 360 wireless controllers (I dont want to pay Ebay or WM price for one)
    any 360 games that might interest me (racing, FPS's stuff like that)
    Xbox 360 battery charger kit
    Toynami plastic version of Masterpiece Voltron
    Zoids Liger Zero CAS Panzer armor (green)
    Zoids Liger Zero CAS Jager armor (blue)
    Zoids KZ-01 Liger Zero figure and all the armors that go with it
    Zoids KZ-02 Berserk Fury figure
    Soul of Chokogin Ideon
    Nintendo DS Lite or regular (MUST play GBA games and be in very good condition and be complete preferably with box)im not looking to pay too much over $100 needs to be onyx black
    Ronin Warriors figures the US release ones with the removable armor any of them as long as armor is included
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    Dec 18, 2007
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    Zords must be unbroken and complete (for the most part small pieces dont matter too much) and these are the big versions of each and I want pretty much any vehicular zords/Rangers that combine/transform if you have em ill likely want em

    Sentai/Power Ranger Want List
    MMPR Bladeblaster
    MMPR Power Morpher on the cheapish
    MMPR Power Blaster set
    MMPR Drangon Dagger
    MMPR Titanus
    MMPR Saba
    MMPR Flipheads
    MMPR Shogun Megazord
    MMPR Falconzord
    MMPR Alien Ranger figures
    MMPR Battle Borgs
    MMPR Super Legends Extreme and regular Green Ranger
    MMPR2 Dino Megazord
    Zeo Morphers
    Zeo Megazord helmets and sword
    Zeo Pyramidas
    Turbo Megazord
    Turbo Rescue Megazord
    Turbo Morpher
    In Space Mega Voyager
    In Space Mega Winger
    Lost Galaxy DX Torozord
    GoGoV V-Mode Brace
    GoGoV Go Brace
    Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Morpher
    Lightspeed Rescue Max Solarzord
    Lightspeed Rescue Omega Megazord
    Time Force Megazord
    Time Force Time Shadow Megazord
    Timeranger Time Emblem
    Wild Force Megazord
    Wild Force Kongazord
    Wild Force Animus Megazord
    Wild Force Isis Megazord
    Wild Force Ultimus Megazord
    Gaoranger G-Phone
    Gaoranger G-Brace Phone
    Wild Force Crystal SAber
    Hurricanger Gourai Changer
    Ninja Storm Storm Power Megazord
    Ninja Storm Storm Lightning Megazord
    Ninja Storm Thunder Megazord
    Ninja Storm Samurai Star Megazord
    Hurricanger Revolver Mammoth
    Abaranger Abalaser
    Abaranger Dino Bracelet, Dino Commander, Dino Minder
    Dino Thunder ThunderSaurus Megazord
    Dino Thunder Dino Stegazord Megazord
    Dino Thunder Mezodon Megazord
    SPD Delta Squad Megazord
    SPD Omega Megazord
    SPD Delta Command Megazord
    SPD SWAT Megazord
    Dekaranger SP License, Master License
    Magiranger Magiphone, Magimother Phone, Wolzard Phone
    Magiranger Grip Phone
    Boukenger Accelular
    Boukenger Survibuster w/ Scope Shot
    Boukenger Daibouken
    Boukenger Daitanken (Auxilary mechs)
    Boukenger Siren Builder
    Operation Overdrive Battlefleet Megazord
    Gekiranger Gekichangers
    Gekiranger Gong Changer
    Gekiranger Gekiclaw
    Gekiranger Saiblade
    Gekiranger SaiDaioh
    Gekiranger Gekiwolf, Gekielephant, Gekishark, Gekibat
    Jungle Fury DX Jungle Pride Megazord
    Jungle Fury Jungle Master Megazord
    Jungle Fury 5" Figure set (all the Rangers including the extras and the Jungle Master ones)
    RPM High Octane, Mach, Valvemax, Paleomax Megazords
    RPM Full Throttle Mammoth & T-Rex Figures
    Go-Onger Go Phone, Shift Changer
    Go-Onger Wing Trigger, Rocket Booster
    Go-Onger EngineOh, Gunbir-Oh, Seikuu-Oh, Kyorestu-Oh
    Go-Onger Go Roader GT
    Go-Onger Mantan Gun
    Go-Onger Candy Toy G12
    Shinkenger Shinken-Oh, DaiKai-Oh, Ika, Kabuto, Tora, Kajiki Origiamis
    Shinkenger Shinken Maru
    Shinkenger Shodo Phone
    Shinkenger Sushi changer
    Shinkenger Inroumaru
    Shinkenger Candy Toy SamuraiHa-Oh
    Goseiger Tensouder
    Goseiger Goseiblaster
    Goseiger Candy Toy GoseiGreat


    Kamen Rider Want List
    DX IXA Belt
    DX Faiz Belt
    DX Den-O Belt w/ Climax Phone
    DX Tatsulot
    DX Kabuto, Gattack, ZaBee, Sasword, Drake, Hopper, Movie Rider Zecters
    DX Ryuki Buckle
    DX Ryuki Dragvisor & Dragvisor Zwei
    DX Blay Buckle
    DX Blay & Garren Rouzer
    DX Double Driver
    DX Trigger Magnum, Metal Shaft, Skull Magnum
    DX Fang Memory
    DX DEcadriver, K-Touch, Diendriver
    any Figuarts
    any Souchaku Henshin
    any Kiwamii Tamashii
    pretty much everything else as well

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