I recorded a song for my band! Listen or don't!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cheebs, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Speed Goat (that's my band :)  ) is uppon us! First rough mix of my "band's" "album". :D  The song is called Put it in the Back of Your Mind


    Lyrics and melody by my girl Beth. Arrangement and instrument parts and generic stuff like that by me.

    Beth sings. I play everything else (everything else being drums, percussion, guitars, and bass).

    Hopefully we will get a real drummer for the rest of our stuff, but I did the best I could. ;) 

    Fun production notes!
    Due to being stupid, I bought the wrong gauge strings for my floating bridge guitar. For those of you not familliar with a floating bridge guitar (like me), that means big problems. I could only get it to tune up in drop B (B, E, A, D, Gflat, B). You can imagine the fun I had trying to play waaaaaaaay up on the high frets to get it to sound right.

    The vocals were done with a nine-year old in the room, an ancient toy poodle, and a hyper jack russel puppy. The old-man dog really hates the puppy to make all that much more fun. You can just imagine slogging through those takes...

    The only way I could get the ring out of the snare drum was to duct-tape a chewie toy to the top head. So...maybe it was good that there were dogs in the house!

    I recorded/mixed/produced myself on my trusty Roland VS 2480 with a nice supply of SM57's and cheap Chinese condenser mics. Woo Hoo cheap technology!

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