I now want Battle Tanker!

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by shumworld, Dec 26, 2011.

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    As cool as Battle Tanker is, I had little to no interest in him; for various reasons. But after I heard word that Botcon 2012 box set looks to have a RTS G2 Prime in what looks to be Diaclone Magnus colors has made me go a total 180. Still the deal breaker is how good SG Magnus will look.

    At the moment I think I'll buy the set and sell the other figures so I can get my hands on SG Magnus. Still it all depends on how good his deco is, though Botcon has yet to make a lack luster paint job in their figures.

    The idea of City Commander have a nemesis in SG Magnus who'll have a armor upgrade of his own makes my mouth water.
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    Because his colour accents are Blackish grey and not very much of it is keyed specifically to Optimus the kit would probably look broadly fine on Magnus or an eventual Scourge/Nemesis Prime.

    And they might make a repaint where those few spots of blue and red are changed - or they spray the tanker silver... I guess it depends on a number of factors.. If CHMS knock of the G2 Prime mould then I'd say the market will be there for a repaint otherwise the run would need to be pretty small.

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