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    Hey everyone!! I don't want to get pulled or banned, but I do want to talk some Buccaneers Football tomorrow...

    I am doing a live broadcast tomorrow (November 29th, 2009) from 11am-1pm from Shenaniganz in Apollo Beach... And I would really like it if I could get some of you to call in or even show up. This show we've been doing has been progressing consistently, but I think that if we could get some of you on the phones or on the mic, it could put it all the more at the top of the ranks.

    If anyone does want to show up, the broadcast location is 5813 N Us Highway 41, Apollo Beach 33572. I know they have pitcher specials, food specials, and I think they're doing free shots every time the Bucs score a touch down.

    If you want to tune in, its 1010am on your radio, or check out 1010 Sports - Homepage on your computer.

    Now, if you want to call in - and I really hope some of you do, call in toll free at (888) 404-1010.

    We're going to be giving our take on:
    **The decision to put Bates up in the coaches' box and Morris calling the defense and Bates opting out of going...
    -What took Morris so long to make the move?
    =Why cut the offensive coordinator at end of preseason (Jagodzinski) and wait 10 weeks to make move on defense?
    =Should the Bucs go back to the old Tampa 2 - and do they have the players to play the defense?
    -Do you get new players for a new system or set the system around the players next season?
    -Does Morris take over the Defensive Coordinator position next season and officially let Bates go?

    **Josh Freeman playing in a Dome for the first time...

    **Antonio Bryants' comments about the team developing a QB more than wanting a win.. Whos side are YOU on?

    And a slew of other topics including Fantasy Football, our picks for the week, game-by-game break down around the league, your calls and a mess of other good times to be had.

    Hope to meet some of you all out there or on the phones!!

    The Sports Explosion
    1010am CBS Sports Radio

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