I need your help to win a contest.

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    I have been entering my 2000 corvette in shows for over 3 years. I have done well with it and had a sponsor during my first year who paid for 70% of what I needed. Last year I got stuck driving it more than i wanted to and it is in need of paint, etc etc. My sponsor no longer does small time cars ( only people who make a living off going to shows) so I am stuck trying to keep up the car and my toy collections. Well a local car dealer is putting on a pimp my ride type contest and I have entered to win $7000 for a complete makeover. If any of you would be kind enough to go to the facebook page and vote for my car I would greatly appreciate it. Simply become a fan of hudiburg autpgroup and leave a message on thier wall saying you vote for steve strobels 2000 corvette. Thank to any of you that will help.

    Hudiburg Auto Group | Facebook

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