I need some opinions on my origins for my Toy-multi-verse

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    Here's what I have so far. After countless hours on wikipedia, I was reading about Marvel and its 5 entities in which their universe is based on. It got me to thinking about applying it to my Toy-multi-verse if you will. My main universe has shifted from my 4 part Unicron/Primus arc (which includes Armada, Energon, Cybertron and 2007's movie toys) to Classics as the base. Basically here are my entities:

    Truth/Order: Ultra Magnus. Unknown to Magnus, he always have the power to uncover or discover the truth in most. Which is the reason why Optimus appointed him Chief Judge in the Autobot council and it the mean time, Magnus does his freelance bounty hunting to perserve order in the ensuing Autobot/Decepticon conflict. But usually, Magnus comes off as a know it all to his fellow Autobots which puts him at odds with bots like Sunstreaker or Cliffjumper. Without Truth and Order, the universe will be lost in mist of choas and uncertainity.

    Logic: Shockwave. Megatron finds his sick devoution to logic "sickening and distrubing". Luckily for Shockwave, Megatron finds his supreme intellect and intelligence paramount to the Decepticon war effort. Luckily for Megatron, Shockwave finds Megatron's continued war logical. To Shockwave, logic is a god of sorts, and Shockwave has devoted his entire being to pleasing his god. Without logic, the universe will collaspe in on itself with insanity.

    The Matrix: A Prime (ie Optimus Rodimus whoever) The Matrix the essence of Primus itself. It also the connection between the living and dead since most Primes can communicate via the Allspark to contact and seek wisdoms from past Primes. It also the ultimate source of healing. Given certain times of dire situation, it could be use as a travel channel for sparks of living beings to be preserved or transported into another vessel. It also the symbol of peace and wisdom

    Evil (Megatron, Galvatron whoever is leading the Decepticons at the time) Basically the rep for evil. The Anti-Prime. It only wishes for Death, Destruction and total Dominance over others.

    Life: Primus The "brother" of Unicron. He was spawned by the entity known as The ALL. Before becoming Cybertron and life bringer to the Transformers, Primus was devoted husband and space explorer. At the time of the destruction of his Multi-verse, he sort out the ALL to see if there was any hope of survival. With none insight, he give his life up to the ALL to try save his wife and children. Seeing this, the ALL decided to merge with Primus in order to have somone to help with managing life in the new Multi-verse to proceed. Primus is now the entity in charge of breeding new life throughout the universe.

    Death: Unicron. The brother of Primus who was spawned by the entity simply known as The Void , it serves to counter balance Primus in terms of seeking death and being the Universe into being one with the Void. Believed to be the devil, Unicron was once a temporal avatar in Multiverse that predates this one. His former life, such as the one he has now, was devoted to Death or Unlife. His Multi-verse was destroyed by the war between the All and the Void. To perserve himself, the Void decided to bond with Unicron, his most devoted follower. Thus Unicron life long dream of being one with the Void as been filled. Now he wishes to bring the joy to all of the Universe, until there is no Universe left.

    Without those 6 entities, the multi-verse will lose counter balance thus resulting in a black hole or a being that will consume all remaining entities then the universe itself. Right now in my universe none of these characters (shy of Unicron and Primus of course) know of thier roles.

    I dunno I was bored and I was thinking this stuff up.

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