Fan Art: I need some mecha inspiration!

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    I don't know if this is technically "fanart" seeing as how there are no Transformers, but it's not really customs either, if this is the wrong place I'm sorry. So I'm working on a game project with my friend(and fellow board member) Seaspray4TF3, and my brother Tahuprime, and it's going to be a first person giant robot shooter.

    I call it Project 'Ton-port, 'Ton-port short for Automaton Transport, and I'm looking for some good mecha/giant robot references to get some ideas for armour and types and stuff. The premise of the multiplayer would be there are 5/6 different frames(not set in stone) each with a different strong point, and downside, strength frames, speed frames, and flying frames etc.

    The standard frame would look something like this:

    Although probably thinner to accommodate the armor and such on the outside, which is what one would customize in game.

    I know of a lot of more mainstream stuff like Gundam, Zoids, Gurren Lagann, and stuff, but if anyone has any more mechs or robots they could show me that would be sweet, anything at all. Military style alien, anything no matter how crazy would be cool. I hope to see some responses.

    Also if you know anything about coding or making games in the program Blender, we could use some help on that front.

    Thanks for your help in advance anything would be appreciated!

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