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    Hello guys and gals!
    I really want to go to the U.S., especially in California, to the TF: the Ride, and more. I have money, but I couldn't get a visa.
    The U.S. Consulate has a strict policy in Russia, to obtain a visa, I need to prove the absence of immigration intent. That is, mainly wealthy people with families may get a visa. I'm young student, not married, don't have apartments and cars... However, I study in the best university in Russia, have a good job and I love Transformers...
    I with friends really want in the near future to create a small exhibition about the Transformers in Russia to help beginners Russian fans learn more about the Transformers. Just I very would like to visit the U.S. to see how it is done there and more.
    If you have experience of operating in a similar situation, have any suggestions or ideas, or even agree to help me with some invitation, answer please!

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