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    i've had my fair share of rantings against TFA. i think a good chunk of the first season was kinda bleh on multiple fronts, and of course the visual style took some time getting used to.

    but that said, i stuck with it and have caught up to everything through season 3's introduction of dirtboss. and i must admit the error of my ways, for if you let primus into your heart, He can do good things.

    the nods and references of TFA to G1 are both abundant and appropriate. the writers and artists have great respect the source material. no hardcore geewuner (and i would put myself in that category) can hold back a smile at some of the references they have in here, and the tone was set in the very first episode with the original clips from G1.

    at times the show is witty, lough-out-loud funny, and has good stories. take it from a guy who didn't originally like the series and forced himself to watch it. you'll find yourself warming up to TFA as time goes on, and you become more involved in it. yes, the human villains suck, and i wish the autobots could kick some more tail, but all that is easy to get past in the second season.

    lastly, for anyone not convinced of the show's merits, just watch transwarped. it pulls together a lot of strands from the first two seasons and kicks open the door for (to use a furmanism) "a whole world of pain!!!" war is hell, war is not without consequences, and the series takes a more IDW-ation-ish turn in that the war is not limited to earth but rages on across the galaxy. there are some shockers, and, at least in these 3 eps, the series takes a more sci fi approach... (hmnn, yet another nod at g1?)

    anyway that is all. any other converts out there?
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    Well cool. Good on ya.
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    Sorry, I stopped reading after this. :sly: 

    But its good to see you've started to like it..the more to like, the better, right? :) 

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