I love spring cleaning at stores.... (Deals thread)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rattrap007, Apr 18, 2009.

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    I went to a Coconuts and FYE on friday. They had spring cleaning and had lots of Ipod stuff at rock bottom clearance prices. My I-pod case had some bad scratching on it (protecting like it should) so I picked a few up at each store:

    At Coconuts (a music/DVD place like FYE) and saw the sale. I found one thick rubber one for about $2 and an I-home brushed metal plastic shell case for $0.88. Got both. The both run about $20 each. The rubber one is kinda crap. I didn't notice it was for 60GB (I got a 30 GB and the bottom where you stick the data cable in is just a big hole you slip the Ipod in and out of. It slips out too easy. The other case works just fine. It is the type with two halves that stick together to protect the I-pod. The front has a black metal plate over it. Kinda nice

    Then I went over to FYE and they too had a sale. I got a Griffin Centerstage Ipod case that has a little cover over the dial wheel you can flip back wards at the bottom and it creates a little stand for the Ipod. Normally $20.. I paid $1! Plus I got another case identical to the scratched one I have for $1 as well when it also is normally $20.

    I got $80 worth of stuff for only $5! I may go back and look at tiny speakers and screen covers and stock up while they are all $1 each!

    Anyone else ever get some great deals like this? Also check your FYEs and such. They may be having spring cleaning and getting rid of tons of crap. They had LOTS of Ipod stuff.

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