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    Kamen Rider Fan Concept.

    Kamen Rider Peacekeeper:

    Inspired by the Faiz Gears.

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 150 Lbs

    Ability Perimeters:
    Punching Power:2.5 Tons
    Kicking Power: 3.4 Tons
    Max. Jump Hight: 30.5 Meters
    Arsenal: DekaPhone, DekaDriver, PoliceRider (Customized motorcycle), DekaStick (inspired by the Faiz Edge)
    Effectiveness: Does not require Orphenoch DNA to use, was designed by the ODAS (Orphenoch Destruction and Security) Team for use by police squads of the surrounding area. Usually seen in groups of more than one for more effective strategic assaults on enemy orphenoch.
    Weaknesses: Cannot last long in battle, can only take a couple of strong hits before powering down and knocking the user out of rider form. Also, a lot of it's users aren't very compatible with the Gear itself, sans a few professionals.

    Comments and Constructive Criticism GREATLY appreciated.


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