I got universe deluxe class wave3 09', but also heard bad news....

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by jrxcombinetrain, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Yesterday, i finally got Hot shot, Rtchet, Dinbot, and Smokescreen.
    I've waited for them for several months since i saw pictures on internet.

    But i also heard some bad news from store staff.
    Hasbro's Taiwan branch has decided to stop releasing new toys of universe and animated lines.
    They will start to release ROTF toys in early may.:banghead: 
    And price will be going up to 10%~25% even 35%.:mad 

    So i won't see Leo prime, Overload, Countdown, Darkwind,and etc at retail here................
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    You're getting some iffy news there, Chief.

    ROTF might release earlier in Taiwan, than it will here in the Stares (29th for us) but there's nothing from Hasbro that any current figures are to be removed to make way for ROTF.

    Universe is over for the year. Ratchet, Hot Shot, Inferno, and Leo Prime are the last figures of the line for the year. Countdown, Darkwind are both TRU exclusives (not sure where you'd find them there) beyond that, Universe is dead for the year.

    Animated will continue to release throughout this year. Hasbro stated that Arcee, Electrostatic Soundwave (with Ratbat) will be available around the same time as ROTF's release, plus Rodimus, Blackout, and other figures are scheduled for release throughout 2009.

    I wouldn't panic, really.

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