i got a question when it comes to superion maximus

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    would it be possible to give superion maximus a more suitable set of lower arms by useing energon treadshot and windraizor as the arms and with skyshadow and terradive being used for the lower legs?

    say by useing a set of energon shields from 2 omnicon signal flares with the doubling over to form the lower arms for superion maximus

    basicly people the whole idea i am considering is one in which each energon sheilded is folded over on itself with the rounded end side of each sheild half getting sanded down on the sides with the plug handle plugging into windrazors or treadshots right or left hand in a over and under manner with the 2 shield halves being attached to one another bottom to bottom as well

    with that mod job and a bit of sculpey and a sand down job i believe that should give the energon shield lower arms sufficient room to rotate when plugged into treadshot's or windrazor's fists

    say your using treadhsot for the right arm and windrazor for the left arm for example

    if you attach the energon sheild lower arms to the rear lower arm/ hand of each fighter jet the energon shield lower arms should be in proper alighnment with superion maximus's upper arms and shoulders but with treadshot and windrazors lower arm also serving as a double jointed elbow for the energon shield lower arms to twist pivot and rotate on in a fully 3 dinemsional manner

    with superion maximus sporting that mod and this guys energon foot and alternator fist mod.



    with all five energon airialbots combined like that it should give superion maximus a suitable lower right arm, right elbow and right hand, a left hand and reasonably posable lower left arm and left elbow joint, in addition to a more suitable left foot for the left leg

    what are your thoughts people?

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