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    Do not come with a small Transformer as an incentive, since a lot of other DVD Season sets either have a special box or some type of extra item.

    Now, I wouldn't want each store (Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Best Buy) to have their own special figure...since collectors would be spending A LOT just for the toys.

    Something along the size of the current Prime Cyberverse Legion figures would be cool. Now, if there are to be four Seasons for Prime...which figure would you have in the Season set? My choices would be:

    Season 1- Optimus Prime
    Season 2- Megatron
    Season 3- Ratchet
    Season 4- Soundwave

    I made it even with two Autobots and two Decepticons, so I didn't play favorites. Also, it's stupid to ignore the Leaders, so that leaves just one space for someone to fill. Plus, I'm not Hasbro so sorry Bumblebee...you don't make it here. lol

    So would you like to see a figure come along with the DVD Season sets? Plus, who would you choose for figures? Now they could still do this, but have a two pack for Season 2 (since it's too late for Season 1). Or maybe do a two pack for each Season? I'm probably just hoping here, since the penny counters would be against this idea. It would cut into their precious profits...even if it meant more sales because of the extra figures. Oh well.
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    The four Cyberverse commander class figures that first came out come with a little DVD containing one episode each (the same episode in my case). Didn't the First Edition Optimus/Megatron two-pack come with Darkness Rising? And what about the Bumblebee, Starscream and MECH set?

    I don't think we'll see box sets coming with figures as box sets are expensive as is, but if they did, I wouldn't mind getting a figure with my Blu-ray box set :D  though I won't hold my breath for such a costly set:(  A one episode disc or maybe even a mini-series may be the only thing we could expect from this point forward.

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