I finally broke down and bought it

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by Mako Crab, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I've been wanting to play this game for a long time, but without a PS3 or 360, I was pretty well out of luck. I'm not a PC gamer, never have been. I hate having to deal with all the uploads and junk that you have to mess with before you can even run the game. I like my consoles where you can just plug the game in and start playing. But I really, reeeeally wanted to play War for Cybertron. This was the game that finally made me break down and buy the PC version!

    I get the game home, install it immediately. No problems so far. Looks good, and. . .
    - need a dll !!
    I find the dll. But wait!
    - Before you install the dll, download and run registry booster to make sure your comp is working right. Is it free?
    - It's free.
    Okay, sounds good. I run it.
    - OMG!! You have like, a million problems! Buy our product so we can fix them!
    What? I thought you said it was free?
    - No, that was just the scan.
    ARGH!! Screw it! No! I'm not buying your stupid product. I go and download the dll. Aha! Now the game is working right! I watch the opening cinematic. Same old thing we've all seen before, but soooo nice anyway. Yay! Let the games begin! Oh... wait. . . why is it running so slow? Oh what?!?! Everything is suffering from severe lag. Do I not have enough memory? What's going on? I decide to see how far I can get like this. I select a character and wait for the first level to boot up. My computer crashes.


    And this is why I stick to console gaming. Pop it in. Fire it up. Play. None of this messing around. But buying the PC version was cheaper than buying a 360 or PS3. I hope I can figure out how to get it running, because I really want to play!
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    What are your PC's specs? Also, this is a very useful website if you don't know much about PC gaming.
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    Why don't you have any consoles?

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