I enjoy replacing comic only characters with those who actually have toys.

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    Even if their toy form never appears in the comic - i.e. the character never leaves Cybertron to get their earth based alternate form even though their toy is earth based.

    I can't draw though so this is all imaginary. I go by the Marvel comics including most of the U.K. comics as well as adding my own storylines and changes to what was actually published. As I read through the comics, I pick out what I don't like or how I could fit in toys released after the comic was originally published.

    Example: The Bumblebee Timeline
    Bumblebee (1984) - Autobot Espionage - www.tfu.info

    Bumblebee comes to Earth in his Cybertronian form (as seen in The War Within comics)

    Bumblebee gets reformatted into an earth mode (Encore reissue) and puts on his battle mask when entering battle (original 1984 toy).

    Bumblebee gets destroyed by G.I. Joe and is repaired with a new gold paint job (G2 Mini-Bot toy) and keeps his battle mask on all the time.

    Bumblebee gets destroyed by Detritus (previously Death's Head) and is rebuilt by Wreck-Gar into Goldbug.

    Goldbug gets destroyed by Starscream and is later rebuilt as a Pretender by Ratchet.

    After Grimlock becomes an Action Master, Bumblebee is one of the few who undergo the Action Master process as well which is then later purged.

    Then the timeline seperates into at least three different continuities.

    During the G2 continuity, Bumblebee has his G2 Go-Bot body.

    During the post movie stories, Bumblebee is in his Classics Legends body.

    During the Classics continuity, Bumblebee is in his Classics Deluxe body. I know Classics continuity wasn't written with U.K. Marvel comics continuity in mind but I like to think of ways it could be.

    During the Rhythms of Darkness continuity, Bumblebee is in his Universe 2.0 Legends body. He doesn't appear in the actual story, but if I were to think of an expansion to that continuity, thats how he would appear.

    Red Bumblebee is not Bumblebee. His name is Bourdon (the French name for Bumblebee) and has Bumblebee's The War Within body. He dies having never left Cybertron. He hangs around with Grillo (Italian name for Cliffjumper) who has Cliffjumper's TWW body but in yellow. He dies along with Bourdon. These two replace Subsea and Flattop in the U.K. comic story Underworld! - Underworld! - Transformers Wiki - Bourdon replaces Flattop and Grillo replaces Subsea.

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