I can no longer upload pictures to any website

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Vincymon, Mar 1, 2010.

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    For the past month, everytime I try to upload a picture into a thread, the ''upload picture" dialog box becomes unresponsive, and then I have to shut down internet explorer using 'windows task manager'
    I wanted to post a thread on tfw2005 showing what I've been up to since the year started, and I cannot get a single picture up.

    This is seriously killing my radicons vibes. I feel like I can no longer contribute ...
    I fact it is killing my vibes for many websites, as this means I cannot post media onto deviantart, facebook, youtube or anywhere !

    I have scanned,with avast, threatfire and avg9. Obviously I did not have all three on the pc at the same time. Right now its only avg 9 that is installed. While these all deleted some viruses. Most of the time, the scanner picked up nothing, and indeed non of them have solved the problem.

    I have also run Ccleaner, defragmented 5 times, and used system restore. I have deleted cookies and temp files. The only temp files/ cookies i have left, are log-in information and that is only for about 7 websites.

    IDK. Its like half the computer's RAM just disappeared.
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    The Tech Support forum is for TFW2005 Tech support only. We do not offer free tech support for personal computer problems. Moved to the correct forum.

    Thread reopened as there is no need for it to be closed.

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