I buy large lots of undesireable figures. 90's superheroes, incomplete TF's etc.

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    I own a thrift shop in a very urban area. I sell loose action figures for between $1 and $4 each depending on the figure and it's condition. The children and parents of who shop at my store care not of articulation or the latest line and toys I personally deemed undesireable have sold fairly well. Figures such as: 90's Marvel Superheroes, Famous Covers, Kenner JLA figures, Wrestlers, Star Wars figs w/ poor articulation, incomplete TNMT, Spawn, any Power Rangers, Spiderman, Batman etc.
    Real toys are hard to come by in the neighborhood as the avenue is flooded with dollar stores and cheap gift shops so KO's abound.
    Please bear in mind I sell these toys for very cheap and B'Bantor would like to be able to remain open for some time as I have only been in business 3 weeks. If you have a large bag of undesireable or unwanted incomplete figures I will buy them given they are very cheap, such as $35 shipped for 40-50 slightly worn loose figures which may or may not have their weapons. I can pay $1 each for half decent older figures in better shape which I might sell for $3 or $4 each. TF's we can discuss pricing. This is a good way to unload some junk, bolster your Paypal and help put a smile on a childs face. I cannot sell anything that is broken, missing limbs or so dirty and heavily worn no one would want to touch it. I know not everyone has 50 loose figures laying about so I do buy smaller lots. Let me know what you have and we can discuss prices. I pay by Paypal and pay any and all fees.
    Thank You.


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