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    I made this after events of RID with presumption that Starscream will remain captive to the Decepticons. So this fiction Prowl is demonstrating some ill affects due to force combination. I just need to have valuable input of dialogue.

    The Shattering of Illusions. (I think is a good title.)

    Starscream look at his cell in more analytical way before. It was not long ago he would beg to be released and free from his confinement. The Seeker in him hates being confined but Starscream already realized that his cell existed without walls. It was confining but not in claustrophobic sense at least not yet. Megatron was well versed in torture and prided himself using fear to maintain order of the Decepticons.

    “A prison cell without walls…,” Spoke Starscream not caring if someone overheard. “and the chains without visable links.”

    “What are you muttering about?” Ask Megatron upon entering the cell.
    “It something you will never understand.” Answer Starscream without looking at his former leader trying to hide his self-disgust for himself.

    “It seems you forgotten a lot since my absence from you Starscream.” Smirked Megatron in mild amusement. Another Transformer came into view that even startled Starscream. “Ah I see you know my new Decepticon, Prowl.”

    “’Prowl’” repeated Starscream still seating position started to get up. “Perhaps it is more of realization, Megatron, what I can achieve away from you and your ways. I never going be a leader as such as yourself and so I must be content being me. ” Starscream mind drifted back to multiple attempts at being leader and overthrowing Megatron. “I am not a leader type anyways not the type to that fed information too. Power does not always come from being a leader anyways.”

    “This is sport.” Thought Megatron in a smile darkly. “Yet difference from the times before. With the utter nonsense about power, then again what do you know about power, Starscream.” There is no trace of fear what is about to come. Starscream knew he is going be tortured he simply accepted it and instead talking his way out of it. Megatron spoke in cold calculating way. “I look forward re-training you Starscream and show you the errors of your ways. You will always be mine Starscream. However my new associate will assist in this re-training process.”

    Starscream look at his former Commander in the optics then towards Prowl. “I will not ever be yours willingly anymore, Megatron. Nor do I expect you will let me go.” Looks at Prowl there is a difference sense the time he became the head for Devastator. “I don’t understand. “

    “Starscream what is you don’t understand.” Smiled Megatron looking at the Seeker. “Why are you not begging or pleading?” Starscream look mutely at Megatron then at Prowl. “You are really pathectic Starscream you actually believe that dream of Bumblebee’S!” Megatron merely backhanded the Seeker in rage. “If I cannot have you as my warrior then I will have you as my slave.”

    “Megatron I do fear you.” Spoke Starscream in an even tone. “The old Starscream will beg and pleaded with you but not anymore. I have changed since your absence as you have stated. I notice that you enjoy this and you even look forward to it. Even as Second in Command I was nothing but a possession to you and then I was a fool. ”
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    Megatron took Starscream by his neck and enjoy the flinch of his former second in command then smiled as he was pinned to the wall. “You will be great sport for conquest. In fact I look forward to our next meeting.” Letting Starscream sink to floor shaking in vain attempt shake off his fear. “Until then Starscream I will leave you to your thoughts.” Looks at Prowl for a moment in a cold tone. “It seems I need a new Second in Command.”

    “So it does.” Spoke Prowl looking at Starscream coldly. “The position does not interest me. I like enforcing the rules more than making them.

    “You like to enforce discipline.” Spoke Megatron. “A useful talent that is hampered by the Autobots code of ethics of regards to prisoner treatment does it not.”

    “A good discipline is done by example.” Spoke Prowl looking at Starscream. "Choatic minds need a strong hand to prevent from rebelling."

    Megatron gazed at Starscream part of him was reluctant to hand Starscream over to Prowl. “Very well, Prowl, inflict discipline on him but do not kill him.”
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    Prowl observe Starscream he was in constant pain due to the electrical energy coursing through the Seeker’s wings. Prowl knew that the prized Seeker wings are the sensitive to pain and ripping them off extremely painful but temporary. The stakes that held his wings pinned to the wall course with energy and fed the pain centers of the Seeker.

    “The pain will stop if you tell me the codes.” Spoke Prowl gently as he caress Starscream cheek. “Humans are well versed in torture. I mean on Earth they have humans that collect insects and they use pins to hold a butterfly in place.”

    “’Codes?’” Repeated Starscream half daze expression at Prowl . “What codes? Prowl what are you talking about?”

    “The ones Bumblebee gave you.” Answer Prowl softly almost hidden menace. “You are part of the inner circle of Autobots.” Prowl hands went the Decepticon insignia on Starscream’s wing and gently traced it. “You must be skilled infiltrator against the Decepticons. Winning Lord Megatron’s trust like that but even such as you are nothing more than property it is fitting for an Autobot spy. “

    “Prowl you are the Autobot.” Spoke Starscream shuddering from pain that Prowl sent electrical current through his body. “Not I. Bumblebee never gave me any codes. “

    “Bumblebee will come for you and so will the Autobots.” Spoke Prowl looking at the Seeker in hatred. “You are not a Decepticon and they never give up on their own comrades.” Prowl ripped the insignias off Starscream. Prowl glances at his hands drench in Starscream’s energon coming from the stakes that held his wings. “It seems our time is up and soon you will place in CR chamber to heal. I almost believe you do not have any codes, Starscream. My memory serves me correctly you are notorious liar.”

    “Prowl don’t do this.” Spoke Starscream looking at the former Autobot. "This is not even logical."

    “Do what?” Ask Prowl almost serene. “I have to memories and the some are very illogical. It is strange to have memories in conflict with each other.”

    “Ah I understand now you basically dismissed the ones that contain that you are an Autobot.” Spoke Starscream in weak pain filled. “Y-you can go back to the Autobots.”

    “Go back to the people never knew who I am.” Spoke Prowl looking at Starscream in sheer disgust. “People who thought Bombshell was me. I hate the Autobots even more than I hate the Decepticons.” A cold smile came to Prowl lips. “Let me show you what kind of the people the Autobots are.”

    “Then who is Prowl?” Ask Starscream weakly.

    “One can ask who is Starscream?” Ask Prowl mused. “An Autobot sympathizer and infiltrator and yes I do not wish to hear protest of not being an Autobot.”

    (Basically Prowl past memories were as security officer to the Autobots were transferred to Starscream. It was attempt to balance the memories leftovers from the Constructicons. Also it takes reference to damage Prowl has in his memories which made worse during his time as Devastator.)
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    Megatron mind went over the past events at Iacon city. There something that is missing from the big picture and it is something he is not in control of. Megatron frown at the last bit of thought of not being in control. So Shockwave erased the log entries in regards to Jhaixus. So Soundwave is also in this little game of two which one will be easier to crack. To crack code or source of data look for extraneous facts.

    “Slag the Scientists!” Spoke Megatron darkly. “The only one that possible cracks the codes of log entries is Prowl. “ Looking at the main bridge crew and ponder a bit. “Skywarp.”

    “Yes Lord Megatron.” Spoke Skywarp respectfully.

    “How much of head start does Soundwave and Shockwave have?” Ask Megatron curious

    “A couple cycles.” Answer Skywarp

    “Blast those Scientists to pits of the darkest black holes and back.” Spoke Megatron slamming his fist to his chair and leaving big dent. “Becoming a Combiner like Prowl was would mean I was sacrificing my core personality. Turmoil, find someone who is not Starscream with scientific background aboard this slag filled ship. “

    “Man the one eyed freak played Megatron.” Whispered Turmoil in awe and shock at the fact earn black look from Megatron. “Sir, What about Prowl?”

    “I don’t trust Prowl.” Spoke Megatron in thought. “Keep sensors on our honored guest and as well an audio. Somehow I think a combiner technology seems to have negative impact on transformer sanity.”

    Another ship that was temporary borrowed and never to be returned.

    Shockwave merely ponder about the feed that Soundwave had sent through the ships security. It was a matter of time before Megatron will grow bored of Starscream he used the relationship to distract the Decepticon Commander from his true agenda. It was not logical to keep Starscream alive as Megatron did, but Shockwave found the Seeker usefulness is extremely limted and therefore expendable. In truth he never completely understood the relationship Megatron had with Starscream and since it did not border on logic either. Then there is Arcee the female bot is going be a problem logically it find a way to dispose of her. Emotions are causing problems useful tool to further ones agenda but they can become problematic. Unlike Soundwave which loves to gather information it didn’t matter if it was good quality or reliable or not. Shockwave had found that Soundwave did not always know value of the information he has and limitation in his usefulness.

    “Shockwave….,” Spoke Jhaixus coldly without much of a greeting. “how is Lord Megatron’s little pet doing so far.”

    “Starscream is functioning.” Answer Shockwave unemotional. “Do you require him, Jhaixus, Megatron has yet to tire of Starscream. Soundwave did manage to put in spy sensors on the ship they are using. ”

    “He needs to be study further.” Spoke Jhaixus evenly on the screen. “It seems that Orion Pax is still tailing me. In the meantime, Shockwave, keep tabs on Starscream. I wouldn’t want my newest lab rat to take flight. So do you speculate that they knew that the ship can travel through time and space.”

    “And of Megatron it would be a logical assumption they do know.” Ask Shockwave watching Jhaixus. “I do not believe they have someone who is able to use time travel component as of yet.”

    “Megatron is serving his purpose in by keeping the ship away from the Autobot Government.” Answer Jhaixus coldly. “Have Soundwave record Megatron’s interrogation of the subject and so I can analyze Starscream’s response. As for Megatron he is too much of loose cannon he needs something that challenges him. Megatron uses people control his more destructive nature some are just means as a conquest but most other Decepticons gave in absolutely to him. Starscream never gave in not completely unlike the other soldiers. ”

    “It is very logical reason to create a baseline pattern of slave behavioral program.” Nodded Shockwave in agreement it was in his unemotional tone at his mentor analysis. Shockwave knew that Jhaixus would even use his students as lab rats this included himself. Jhaixus has no interest in acquiring Arcee as a specimen. “If you are giving Starscream to Megatron, you suspect that the Decepticon Commander would figure out our plans? Although as skilled as Starscream is in science he does not possess the intellect or skill to use Time travel. ”

    “That would bore Megatron.” Spoke Jhaixus evenly. “After four million years Starscream captivated Megatron attention without even boring him. Megatron is nobody fool and he may not have an intellect of scientist but he is not stupid either. Also even though this is delay tactic in keeping the illustrious Decepticon Commander occupied with his obsession.“

    “The Combiners would not have worked.” Spoke Shockwave.

    “It has to do with personalities involved.” Spoke Jhaixus coldly. “Both Megatron and Starscream are not ideal specimens for the process too big of Egos. Ironically Devastator was a success for the most part if not for the head component.”

    “Prowl?” Spoke Shockwave looking at his mentor. “I study the Decepticons and the Autobots to a lesser degree in their personalities without understanding fully to why.”

    “Megatron put an Autobot as the head no wonder why there was schism.” Spoke Jhaixus in wild laughter. “Procure me Prowl as well Shockwave I need to study him further. Megatron in all his bluster may have stumble on to something.” Then look at the Ship on his tail. “Have the ship create a distress call to Orion Pax.”

    Jhaixus nodded grimly as his pupil was replaced by star field. Orion Pax is still on his tail and that Arcee is very much a wild card. In truth he wanted study Starscream’s spark, Jhaixus admit having Starscream emotionally unbalanced serve his purpose better. In truth he now needs Orion to go back to find and confront Megatron. It should be enough to distract Megatron attention to procure Starscream. Although perhaps capturing the wild card might be beneficial when it comes to the evolution of the Spark. Or may be having Orion Pax go rescue Starscream to ensure the time the former Matrix holder will come. Keeping Orion Pax distracted is harder than Megatron so what makes the former Autobot tick. Ah being the hero and rescuing those in great deal of distress or something as tedious as that.

    “Ah well we are proceeding to phase two of this experiment.” Spoke Jhaixus smiled. “Thanks to Arcee I now have a greater understanding of the CNA and through the watchful eye of Shockwave greater understanding of the players involved. “ Turning on the tracking signal on the datapad to locate his next specimen the Transformers called Skids. “It is time my little cyber rat that you must come to your master and scientist. In truth the sources said you were on the Lost Light but the fact I have no desire for the two groups of Autobots to meet. It wouldn’t due to have Rodimas find out who messed with the Quantuum drive would it.”

    ((The next segment is going be awhile. I am kind of OCD about my writing where is never perfect enough. For those who read it thanks.))
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    Prowl decided to explore the space ship further. Turmoil brought the ship to Iacon which even Wheeljack said it has time travel mechanism to it. The question is why the Decepticons are using this particular ship to chase Shockwave and why. The logic stated that Decepticons were being manipulated into doing something that normally would do for themselves and not for a specific individual. Logically a Decepticons would have the fire power to guard the ship from invaders so that even makes sense.

    “Something pulling the Decepticons’ and Autobots ‘ collective strings.” Spoke Prowl softly. “It is basic police work and that makes a lot of sense. Starscream was correct I was not even behaving logically. So now the basic question is who the puppetmaster?” Prowl held the scanners as traced the energy supply to bowels of the ship. “Strange this part of the ship is undetectable and not really registering other than your basic cargo.”

    Prowl put Starscream in a CR chamber after that interrogation at the cell. So the basic systems are running into multiple ports. In essence a person could seize control of the Ships operating systems and effectively ran the ship here. So when Prowl realize someone jury rig the whole interrogation process using the ships engine to hide the signal the first thought is Soundwave. It also made Prowl wonder how much Turmoil knew about this Ship.

    “So you are the one creating the glitches in the system.” Spoke Prowl leveling a gun at Soundwave.

    “Affirmative.” Spoke Soundwave in a monotone.

    “I would ask why.” Spoke Prowl looking at the communications officer in an even tone. “It is logical to state that you minor player in a bigger game that run by Jhaixus. So Jhaixus is having this ship delivered to the Decepticons.”

    “Ship is fully operational.” Spoke Soundwave in a flat tone. “It is also untested so logic would have the Decepticons to test it.”

    “The cassettes are watching the crew of this ship.” Spoke Prowl looking at the scans. “Ingenious. I see put a false emergency beacon together.”

    “It is needed.” Spoke Soundwave

    “Whose orders are you obeying, Soundwave?” Ask Prowl in an even tone.

    “If you want to find out Prowl…,” Answer Soundwave coldly. “and all you have to do is just play your role to the fullest.”

    “So you are planning to slow this ship down?” Ask Prowl even tone. “With a fake distress call to lure who to this ship. Who is the injured party? All this is moving too fast for the one in charge.”

    “Affrimative.” Answer Soundwave evenly.

    “Megatron?” Ask Prowl

    “It should be rather obvious….” Spoke Soundwave looking at the ship systems. “It is bigger than Megatron.”

    “Don’t let me stop you.” Spoke Prowl

    “What makes you think I won’t shoot you in the back.” Spoke Soundwave looking irritated.

    “Simple me gone off the grid bound to raise some questions.” Answer Prowl looks at Soundwave. “It means if shoot a weapon the security forces of Megatron has with him will come running. Also somehow I get the feeling Megatron does not know of your little project as well. Right now Soundwave you really don’t want him to know about it. ”

    “So you want something?” Ask Soundwave darkly.

    “I want the beacon you have there.” Spoke Prowl.

    “You are planning on dumping Starscream into escape pod with the distress beacon.” Spoke Soundwave impassively. “He is in still CR chamber. If interrupting may have negative impact on his health and recovery from injure.”

    “Just get things ready.” Snarled Prowl in anger at Soundwave.


    Prowl open the CR chamber the drowsy Starscream is waking up in the med chamber with his weapon drawn. It took longer than expected to break the cycle so Prowl type on order to off line non-critical systems such as weapons.

    “More interrogation?” Ask Starscream warily and noting still in a lot pain.

    “Just move Starscream,” Answer Prowl slowly guiding Starscream to the outside of the Med bay. “before, I change my mind about this whole plan.”

    “Where are the others?” Ask Starscream with growing apprehension after going down a several corridors.

    “Starscream this may come as shock to you they rather see you slag.” Spoke Prowl evenly.

    “That is not it.” Spoke Starscream irritated. “Even in ship like this there should be a patrol or someone about even if it is skeleton crew. Look around even Megatron not that trusting of sensors and knowing they can be fooled. “

    Prowl frown in thought Starscream is correct. “It is strange that you are like butterfly that flits to from one flame to the next.”

    “I think you mean ‘moth’.” Spoke Starscream looking annoyed at Prowl. “Why are you thinking of Earth all the sudden?”

    “Is there a difference?” Ask Prowl leading Starscream down next corridor.

    “Not to my recollection.” Answer Starscream “I never really studied Earth’s insects. “ Glancing at the sensors in the wall with a frown and looking ill at ease. “I am not sure if Megatron is really in charge of this ship.”

    “Here we are.” Spoke Prowl finally interrupting the Starscream musing. “I would advise not to mess up my plans Starscream. It really does not matter to me how Orion Pax gets you in what condition you are in. Right now my interest is getting you off this ship and away from Megatron or who ever really calling the shots. “

    “The sensors are on the feedback loop.” Spoke Starscream turn to glance at the Escape pod. “Why are you doing this?”

    “Metroplex.” Answer Prowl. “I am not really sure what role you have in this. It is obvious you have very important role, Starscream. So it might be more logical freeing you from this ship. “
    “Now that must be irritating for you Prowl.” Spoke Starscream shrewdly. “Taking a leap of faith based off scant data and even from Metroplex. It seems becoming more of you than last time I saw you.”

    “I find it refreshing you are not asking me if I am still Autobot.” Spoke Prowl coldly. “Quit needling it really not very endearing trait you have.”

    “I do not find the need to ask that.” Spoke Starscream coldly. Slowly entering the escape pod as Prowl gesture with his gun for him to move. “You are not coming.”

    “I think Megatron has a lot more on his hands full than worry about me.” Spoke Prowl as he close the hatch. "I am still am off my normal behavior patterns it seems."

    It is matter of time before the space ship is going make an emergency landing. Prowl listen to red alert station starting going off. Soundwave made the whole sensor array to go haywire and fired some empty escape pods along with Starscream’s one he occupying. Prowl logic told him that Soundwave is a stowaway even though the cassettes are not. It would be enough to delay for Shockwave to reach his final destination.

    End of Chapter one.
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    Transformers: Chapter 2. Systems Shock

    (Again this is how I see the tie in will occur. Speculation is fun)

    Chap 2. System Shock

    The occupied Life form the alien pod inside Starscream leaning his head against the wall panel.

    “I am dying.” Thought Starscream feeling the impact of pain of his sensory systems seem to go haywire. “The symptoms are there it was like the lecture so long ago. The one given by Ratchet in describing the symptoms of System Shock back at the academy.”


    “The major causes of System Shock are…” began Ratchet carrying small clicker device in his hands as a Transformers. “a sudden jolt to the Transformers cybernetic systems such as the early release of C.R. chambers and serious depletion of energon. “ Clicking to the rudimentary design of the C.R. “Without the proper procedure the healing effect of the C.R. can throw the Cybernetic systems into overdrive and turned off the other systems. So recalibration is very important and the good work of the Medic would been all for naught.”

    “This is so fascinating….” Spoke Jetfire in sarcasm as he sat next to Starscream."I mean why require us to listen to the lecture."

    “I fail to see the connection to science.” Spoke Starscream looking at the other jet. "this is all medical."

    “Ah medical advancements go hand and hand with research.” Spoke Ratchet in a faint smile. “Do you two have something to add?” Check his data pad. “Jetfire. Starscream. “

    “Is there a known treatment for System Shock?” Asked Starscream

    “Yeah we were wondering that.” Spoke Jetfire nervously.

    “Proper medical procedures are the best prevention for System Shock.” Spoke Ratchet in an even tone and a glared at the two jets. “What is point of telling the cure to System Shock when you even don’t know the symptoms are.”

    Lost Light

    Rodimas look at the pod and with a Decepticon insignia marks on it. It was perplexing and admit curious as well Blaster stated that the emergency priority signal emitting from the pod. Rodimas look even in more thought and decided to check it out.

    “How many lifesigns are there?” Ask Rodimas firmly.

    “One that is really erratic.” Answer Blaster

    “Then have both security and medical teams join me in the bay.” Spoke Rodimas “Have the tractor lock on that pod."

    “So what are we dealing with?” Ask Fortress Maximas watching the Pod doors carefully. His weapons are trained on the door of the Pod.

    “It could be either an Autobot?” Ask Tailgate looking at Rodimas

    “Whatever it is it’s injured?” Answer First Aid firmly.


    “The more serious symptoms are final result.” Spoke Ratchet as he look at the Transformer in question. “It series of systems failures where the minor or elective systems are the ones that go first and often affected. It creates cascading affect to complete system failure. This means non-life performing systems such as communications would akin to having something ringing in your audio sensors to blaring to other things firing of the nerves. “ Looking at the two jets in question. “Starscream are you paying attention? Starscream!”


    “Starscream….” Spoke First Aid nearing the Decepticon with his tools to stabilize his systems. “He needs to be at med bay. Stay awake don't shut down!”

    "Someone shouting his name." Thought Starscream dreamily. "Not Ratchet not irritated enough or aggravated...nice and concerned quality...."

    “He is from Cybertron.” Spoke Rodimas “Very well First Aid take to him med bay under heavy guard.”

    “So that is Starscream I thought he look more menacing?” Spoke Tailgate in a huff. As the med crews move Starscream to the Med bay so they stop System Shock.

    “Appearances are not everything.” Spoke Swerve looking at his pal. “Starscream may not be a powerhouse but he is intelligent. “

    “I mean is he even a Decepticon?” Spoke Tailgate extremely disappointed. “Where are his Decepticon’s insignias?”

    Rodimas glance over at Tailgate something else added to mystery and hopefully he did not receive a lecture from Ratchet or First Aid about medical conditions.

    Ratchet look at his patient and scrowled darkly. “System Shock. Put him on the table FirstAid. “

    “Well is not like Starscream will know the symptoms.” Spoke FirstAid helpfully.

    “Actually Starscream will know.” Spoke Ratchet grousing. As he place Starscream on life support. “It doesn’t make it less traumatic for him though.” Part of System Shock is having the sensory input to skewed to hypersensitivity or not working at all. As result the central processing unit will shut down and render the patient in near catatonic state. “I had lecture about this at the Science Academy and he attended.”

    “So wouldn’t be easier to have Chromedome patch into his head and find out.” Ask Rodimas as he watches the medics stabilized Starscream.

    “No it wouldn’t!” Spoke Chromedome looking at Rodimas in sheer horror. “System Shock can transfer to me and kill me! System Shock also affects interface and the mnemosurgeon. Not to mention that is the same systems you are patching into.“

    “So how long is recovery?” Spoke Rodimas

    “I can wake Starscream now.” Spoke Ratchet evenly. “As for System Shock some it will take some time for a full recovery the length is due to how many systems are affected.”

    “Wouldn’t be easier to slag him now?” Ask Fortress Maximas

    “I am more interested in who was trying to slag him in the first place.” Spoke Rodimas in sheer annoyance. “Fortress Max ummm you are suppose help me curb my impulsive and rash decision making processes.”

    “I am not Ultra Magnus.” Answer Fortress Maximass. “It is rash to bring a Decepticon here and without restraints. Does that help?”

    “M….Metroplex…..”spoke Starscream and he shifted on the med bed. “Prowl, Devastator…Iacon.” Waking up slowly. “Lost Light... “

    “Why did it have to be Prowl?” Ask Rodimas putting his hand to head.

    “Well we can always slag him later.” Spoke Fortress Maximass looking at Rodimas.
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    ...this...is...the...most...BRILLIANT thing that I have ever read!!!:popcorn 
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    uh thanks....
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    Rodimas watches Starscream carefully as he sat in his office. Starscream secondary systems are slowing coming online such as transforming into jet mode and more important his weapons are offline.

    “I had seen the data cubes…” Spoke Blaster

    “It wasn’t Prowl really.” Spoke Starscream distantly

    “Right it sure did look like Prowl.” Spoke Rodimas in sarcasm.

    “Prowl hasn’t been himself in a long time.” Spoke Starscream as Rodimas sarcasm completely eludes him. Taking the data cubes from the desk these are recent but not events of Iacon. “Prowl, I am not sure how too began or where to start.”

    On the viewer both Rung and Chromedome were watching the interview carefully. Fortress Maximas was watching the sensors and made sure the security teams are there.

    “He is lying.” Spoke Rung

    “It Starscream…,” Spoke Chromedome looking at the smaller mech. “It is a given.”

    “He didn’t murder Wheeljack.” Spoke Rung as he watch Starscream. “He regrets the harm that came to Wheeljack it speaks in his body language.”

    “Then why admit guilt?” Ask Fortress Maximas confused

    “I am not doubting that he feels guilty but he is not Starscream, Fortress Maximas.” Spoke Rung evenly. “”Whoever he is this mech wants out of this interview. It is like he wants Rodimas think the worse of him.”

    “So what is the question is what he is truly guilty of.” Spoke Chromedome

    “Rodimas have Starscream meet me in my office.” Spoke Rung

    Few Clicks later

    Starscream look at the star field outside the window as Rung watched him.

    “So you are Rung?” Ask Starscream as the silence got to him

    “Yes I am.” Answer Rung.

    Sessoinn 1
    Starscream talk mostly about his relationships with other Transformers. Ironically it more of Autobots and Unaligned Transformers not so much the Decepticons which means he is on the outs with them. Still guarded. I don't think he was highly socialize to degree and is still baffled by what do in situations.

    Session 2

    The fact the med center in Iacon was destroyed and a lot of Cybertronians got hurt. It really did bother the former Decepticon how what happen to those Transfomers. I could easily classify this as survivor’s guilt.

    Rodimas office

    “So Prowl is somehow is Devastator head?” Ask Rodimas in askance

    “He is very talkative about that.” Answer Rung “It bothers him a great deal what happen to Prowl and to other Transformers.”

    “Why would it?” Ask Rodimas looking puzzled. "If it is Starscream it wouldn't bother him."

    “I get the feeling that the pretender is more compassionate than actual Starscream.” Spoke Rung looking at Rodimas. “I mean he talked more friendly terms about Autobots and unaligned. I learn that Jazz and Shark-Byte perform often at Blurr’s place. “

    “It sounds really nice.” Spoke Blaster mused.

    “Yeah he gave some pretty bizarre ground rules.” Spoke Rung

    “Which were?” Ask Rodimas curious.

    “1. Starscream refused to talk about Earth insects.” Spoke Rung puzzled. “2. Starscream did not want to talk about Autobot Security codes.”

    “Eh that would have to do with Prowl uh interrogation of Starscream.” Spoke Blaster evenly "If you call that. I think this bot has seen his fair share of horrors."

    “So Prowl is not off limits..,” Spoke Rodimas looking at Rung. “Did he kill Wheeljack?”

    “When he did finally tell me the truth.” Spoke Rung serious look. “Wheeljack was harmed to extent of injuries is unknown but Starscream didn’t shoot him as he claim. The whole thing was traumatic for him.”

    “So Jazz and Sharkbyte perform together these days.” Spoke Blaster intrigued.

    “So how is the communications array going.” Spoke Rodimas annoyed at Blaster for stuck on a fact that has little or nothing to do with the situation at hand.

    “It is not working.” Spoke Blaster.

    “I might have a clue who he is…” Spoke Ratchet as he join him.

    “Well who is he?” Spoke Rodimas exasperated.

    “I did a systems check on his spark…” Spoke Ratchet in a huff. “Due to System Shock he was able to hide his spark signature. Once his systems start to stabilized….” Ratchet then notice that Rodimas is drumming his fingers in impatience. “Well his real name Solarwind a jet that design to solar flares and plasma pulses.”
    “Anything else?” Ask Rodimas looking at Ratchet.

    “Other than that Solarwind is supposed to be dead.” Answer Ratchet.

    “Doc are you saying the Transformer is pretending to be Starscream is a dead mech.” Spoke Rodimas almost laughing. “I never heard of Solarwind.”

    “Solarwind is from Centurion like Starscream.” Spoke Ratchet “When I first met him is when he was a mechling. The best attributes I could describe is Solarwind is precocious and highly inquisitive. It would been better if he went to Technoversity where his scientific attributes can be harnessed. “

    “We have a highly intelligent jet who has no clue how to be Starscream if his life depended on it;.” Spoke Rodimas irritated.

    “Ratchet is there a connection to Starscream?” Ask Rung

    “Interesting though there is.” Answer Ratchet. “Starscream and Jetfire brought Solarwind to my lecture on System Shock. I think the two try to bore Solarwind and hoping he will leave them alone. “

    Blaster suppressed a snicker at Ratchet puzzlement thinking his imparting knowledge as boring. “Did it work?”

    “Leaving them alone part did.” Admitted Ratchet in a huff at Blaster. “Solarwind is young very young he just able to transform in to Jet mode at that time. It was his keen mind that impressed me.”

    “I see now.” Spoke Rung in calm tone. “I think Doctor that someone else was also impressed by Solarwind’s mind.”

    “I will talk to him.” Spoke Rodimas “Doc I have a plan. I notice unlike Starscream he is not use to social situations."

    Orns later

    Rodimas watch the mech in front of him return the gaze passively.

    “Your desk has writing on it why?” Ask the imposter Starscream

    “Aren’t you going ask how I survive and what is going on?” Ask Rodimas

    “You survived the fail Quantum leap…” Answer the imposter Starscream “what is the point of asking of that?”

    “We know you are not Starscream.” Spoke Rodimas

    “I told him.” Spoke Ratchet walking to the mech

    “Doctor Ratchet.” Spoke the imposter Starscream in a smile. “I really should check the crew manifest before leaving Cybertron.”

    “Why are doing this?” Ask Ratchet in a sigh

    “I had to find some answers about Starscream …,” Answer Solarwind ruefully. “I am not good at espionage it seems.” Turning off the holo device reveals a jet of similar design to Starscream but in bronze and purple trim flames. “The device seems to work when systems were fully functional due to Systems Shock must have put a few glitches in.”

    “A few glitches and you pretended to be Starscream!” Shouted Rodimas in near exasperation

    “I think Solarwind…” Spoke Rung calmly. “you could have gotten killed.”

    “Solarwind….” Spoke Ratchet. Notices the Solarwind complete baffled look at Rodimas and Rung in shock that someone might actually care if he live or die. "what happen to you?"

    “Not many people cared if I live or died.” Spoke Solarwind sadly. “Most people think I am dead anyways and those who knew about me forgotten because they are forced too.”
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    Sorry! I get a little overenthusiastic sometimes!
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    It is okay....I working on the next part....
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    Next day

    “I need someone to help out Brainstorm…” Spoke Rodimas in a grin. Since he ordered Solarwind to his office from Med-bay for duties is standing in front of him. Fortress Maximas watch the young mech he brought from Ratchet med bay.

    “I think I rather be in a Brig now.” Spoke Solarwind in disgust.

    “Brainstorm to my office.” Spoke Rodimas “I found the assistant you requested.”

    Few Clicks later Brainstorm enter the Office.

    “I did not request an assistant.” Spoke Brainstorm looks at Rodimas in puzzled. “Oh hello again Solarwind, what are you doing alive?”

    “A philosophical question is what are we all doing alive.” Answer Solarwind evasively. “I been planet hopping for a while now.”

    “So where is my new assistant?” Ask Brainstorm

    “Solarwind.” Answer Rodimas in a smirk

    “What!?!” Shouted Brainstorm in near panic. “Rodimas, whatever I did to you I take it back. Please I don’t want to work with Solarwind, again.”

    “Again!?” Ask Fortress Maximas in suprise tone

    “So you two met?” Ask Rodimas in an even tone

    “We don’t like each other.” Answer Brainstorm

    “You don’t like anyone Brainstorm.” Spoke Rodimas evenly.

    “I still prefer the brig,” Spoke Solarwind looking at Brainstorm in dislike.

    “It can be arranged for the both of you.” Spoke Rodimas pushing a button.

    Orns later

    Brainstorm is pacing the brig cell back and forth as Solarwind sat back lean against the wall and relax.

    “This is all your fault I know it is.” Spoke Brainstorm agitated

    “How so?” Ask Solarwind

    “I am too smart to be in prison.” Spoke Brainstorm ‘Why are you not upset?”

    “I had been in worse brigs than this one,” Answer Solarwind evenly. “and with Prowl having psychological meltdown. Brainstorm, I think I am not seeing the whole picture.”

    “The Binary gun with dual energy sources it is your creation.” Spoke Brainstorm looking at the Solarwind

    “The one Skids has yeah it is.” Spoke Solarwind cocking a glance at him

    “It exploded.” Spoke Brainstorm agitated

    “You tried to use it didn’t you.” Spoke Solarwind more amused. “The gun operated on Skids’ CNA and only he could have used it.”

    “So have a Transformer CNA as password or cyber key code…” Spoke Brainstorm impressed. “How did you manage the feat?”

    “Our employers had vast information source of scientific data.” Spoke Solarwind in an even tone. “Though they were interested in using CNA as a means to track a person, and so I just apply to other technology such as weapons.”

    “You think about our employers?” Ask Brainstorm nervously.

    “We are not free from them.” Answer Solarwind looking at Brainstorm evenly.

    “They are gone.” Protested Brainstorm

    “For the record Brainstorm by most Cybertronian networks states I am dead.” Spoke Solarwind looking at Brainstorm. “If a group that has kind of access to vast data network it could also mean they have more than one base of operations. No I don’t think they are gone they are still pulling strings or pushing our buttons. They just disappeared and gave us semblance of freedom to live our lives. “

    Back in main security room

    Rodimas look at Chromedome gave assessing look.

    “Solarwind may be right in his analysis.” Spoke Chromedome in some regret.

    “Your employers are?” Ask Rodimas serious tone

    “The Institute.” Answer Chromedome looking down. The truth is Highbrow, Brainstorm, Solarwind and I do not know who are Employers are. We were given task and we did them. “

    “Chromedome, are you guys are in serious trouble?” Ask Rodimas looking concern

    “If Solarwind is correct then the answer is yes.” Answer Chromedome “Solarwind was taken when he was mechling after some battle in Centurion by the Institute. It is not place where you want to grow up and come to maturity. The Institute erased his memories of the past and those Solarwind have strong connections too.”

    “Then he won’t remember Ratchet?” Ask Rodimas calmly

    “Solarwind was given a list of people to avoid and the Institute made sure he never approaches them.” Spoke Chromedome in regert . “Since Solarwind belong to same family group as Starscream. The Institute told us he doesn’t have a place to go to and but I think they made sure that Solarwind has nowhere to go.”

    “Sleeper agents then.” Spoke Rodimas after Chromedome leaves the office.

    Swerve Place

    Swerve watches as the newest Mech name Solarwind enter his place for the first time. Took a seat at a table and look a little a loss. Highbrow follow in and greeted Solarwind which under watchful optic the two met before. Swerve watch Highbrow closely in some unguarded moments the elitist is actually relieve to see the newcomer.

    “This is Swerve, Solarwind.” Spoke Highbrow. “You order from him for high caliber energon. The quality of Energon varies in establishment due to availability.”

    “There are different qualities of Energon?” Ask Solarwind puzzled.

    “Actually yes….” Spoke Highbrow in a sniff. “Two orders of High Grade Energon please, Swerve.”

    “No offense Highbrow your friend is new.” Spoke Swerve looking at Solarwind “Might want to order something else.”

    “I take this Energon will suffice for nutritional needs of the Transformers body?” Ask Solarwind looking at Swerve in puzzled tone

    “In your case kid it will get you drunk….” Answer Swerve assessing gaze towards Solarwind. “I see that you are not aligned.”

    “He lived in a structure environment.” Spoke Highbrow in a sniff. “This is his first time in social environment where he has to interact with others in a more positive light. I am thrilled to aid Solarwind in further of his education in etiquette and social graces.”

    “I read about being drunk in medical data pad.” Spoke Solarwind

    “Uh not all things go by Data pad.” Spoke Hound looking at the newcomer. The kid smell like a seeker but not Starscream it is light and clean scent.

    “Yeah kid you didn’t get out much did you?” Spoke Swerve in a grin. In a thought "If I didn't know better Highbrow is a like parental figure to him."

    “My name is Hound.” Spoke the mech.

    “It is nice to meet you, Hound.” Spoke Solarwind. “My name is Solarwind.”

    “Swerve the Energon.” Spoke Highbrow reminding the smaller mech.

    “All right Brow.” Spoke Swerve in a huff. “Your friend will need something milder than what you order for him.”

    “So what is you do for fun?” Ask Sureshot looking at Solarwind

    “Read text books on various subjects.” Answer Solarwind.

    “Highbrow how many are listed for this ship?” Ask Solarwind looking at Highbrow.

    “200.” Spoke Highbrown “If it makes you feel better there things you can assist me on.”
    “Hi Solarwind….” Spoke Chromedome looking at the new arrival. “Hound is right things are always not on data pads.”

    “I can show the kid around.” Spoke Hound in a faint smile. “Solarwind, may want to become an Autobot.”

    “It is not exactly fun.” Spoke Sureshot in mirth. “It means you been hanging out with the cerebros of the Transfomer world.”

    “Boring stuff….” Added Tailgate firm tone.

    “Ah there you are.” Spoke Ratchet in grumpy look.

    “So Doctor Ratchet when I can fly in jet mode?” Ask Solarwind slightly impatient tone.

    “Eh when you transformer cog system has finished rebooting.” Answer Ratchet in a sigh. “A few more mega-cycles.”

    “So Sureshot are going teach my friend how to behave inappropriately…,” Spoke Highbrow showing some concern. “like you do and undo all the hard work I raise this mechling when he was working for me.”

    “Here you go kid….” Spoke Swerve serving a drink. “don’t worry it won’t get you drunk.”

    “Not like you can teach him to have fun.” Spoke Sureshot stubbornly.

    Rodimas office

    Rung sat in front of Rodimas at his desk.

    “What do you think of Solarwave?” Ask Rodimas curious tone.

    “According to Chromedome had he been isolated from the rest of Transformers.” Spoke Rung evenly. “It will take time to adjust to the Lost Light and he will need time alone to figure things out. I think however he is too polite and that compensating for nervousness. “

    “Do you think he will be like Starscream?” Ask Rodimas curious. “I mean he did lie about who he was?”

    “I think someone thought he would.” Answer Rung in thoughtful tone. “They may same design and all but the two mechs are polar opposite in personality. Someone was paranoid that Solarwind become like Starscream and isolated from the Transformers. Also given his high skill level someone work Solarwind to point of exhaustion.”

    Rodimas merely nodded at Rung statement and thought. “It was not the reason he was isolated but it is because of the personality and Solarwind is a prodigy.”
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    Ratchet look up and saw Highbrow waiting for him in his office. Rodimas is right worried about those four mechs and he ordered each one of them to speak with Rung. Of the four mechs the only one showed up on regular basis is Solarwind but has to do with mech being trained obey without question. Fortress Maximas in his wisdom put all four on non-critical functions and that way the security can keep an extra eye on them. Highbrow seemingly ditch his detail and show up here alone.

    “Ratchet…” Spoke Highbrow coolly. “I would not press the button right away not until I finish speaking with you.”

    ”To talk, Highbrow.” Spoke Ratchet grumpily. Looking at Highbrow as the other mech held his gun on him. “It is a bit extreme.”

    “The guards that Rodimas assigned to me are not dead.” Spoke Highbrow in a shrug. “Like I said it is too talk.”

    “I am such a captive audience.” Spoke Ratchet coldly.

    “You treated Solarwind, may ask I why?” Ask Highbrow curious

    “An injured mech and yeah he is not Starscream.” Answer Ratchet looking curious at Highbrow.

    “I want to keep an eye on him.” Spoke Highbrow looking at the medic. “When I was working for my employer and he was brought in.” Trying to process information and saying it. “I wanted to do what is right for him. “

    Ratchet felt pang of sympathy for Highbrow. “Never one for words of what you really feeling Highbrow.”

    “I don’t want to work for them again.” Spoke Highbrow looking at the button to call security. “Brainstorm and Chromedome will kill the security detail if the employers come and collect them. I do not wish to be a pawn anymore.”

    Ratchet watches Highbrow lower his weapon and eventually drop it. “Highbrow we will fix things for you four.”

    “I just do not trust myself anymore.” Spoke Highbrow evenly as he push the security button. “I feel my control is slipping away and not this talk of sleeper program. To be free for 4 vorns and only have it as an illusion which will be shattered at any moment. I do not need your fake platitudes that we will be free from you Ratchet.”

    “Then you trust us?” Ask Ratchet looking at Highbrow. “I will keep an eye on Solarwind.”
    Fortress Maximas and Blaster came rushing in with guns blazing. Fortress Max place stasis cuffs on Highbrow. Rodimas look at the other mech and Ratchet.

    “Highbrow….” Spoke Rodimas looking gravely at the mech. Highbrow gave him a haunted look in response to his name. “I am going place you in the Brig.”

    Fortress Maximas just led Highbrow away not before he could give a pleading glance at Ratchet and Rodimas.

    “It is not nessecary to put Highbrow in the brig.” Spoke Ratchet.

    “I know.” Spoke Rodimas looking at the medic. “It is for more Highbrow's need for security or the sense of security than anything else. So you sounded the alarm?”

    “No, I didn’t.” Answer Ratchet looking at Rodimas. “I don’t know Rodimas I wanted to say we were the good guys but when I saw Highbrow today. It is like lost spark trying to hold on what he consider precious.”

    “Yeah we backed the senate….,” Spoke Rodimas looking at the Medic. “and, this what they did destroying mechs minds and their lives.”

    “Chromedome is playing both sides.” Spoke Ratchet in a guess. “Do you trust him?”

    “I want to trust him.” Answer Rodimas evenly. “Honestly I can say is no, instincts or intuition says to me that Chromedome and Brainstorm will be problematic in the future.”

    “Solarwind is rubbing off on you with the speech patterns.” Mused Ratchet.

    “I think he picked it up from Highbrow.” Spoke Rodimas in faint smile. “The speech patterns I mean.”

    “Are you going make him into an Autobot?” Ask Ratchet looking at Rodimas.

    “His body is a seekers…” Answer Rodimas evenly. “and there are enough bots’ already prejudice against him. I wanted to slag Solarwind when I first saw him. “ Rodimas frown further. “Also the fact is he knows Starscream at one point did not help his case.”

    “Starscream is not much a choice.” Spoke Ratchet sadly. “The same spark group as the Seekers.”

    “Are you guys going chat all day about the new bot?” Spoke a familiar voice

    “Ultra Magnus?” Ask Rodimas

    “What does this Solarwind wants anyway?” Ask Ultra Magnus drily.

    “He wants the Institute to be stopped.” Answer Rodimas

    “The luxury figuring what faction is not on.” Spoke Ultra Magnus evenly. “We need to figure out what the Institute is up too.”

    “They took back Skids.” Spoke Rodimas.

    “Eh who is on your list.” Spoke Ultra Magnus curious.

    Swerve Place

    Solarwind sat in front of Tailgate and Swerve.

    “So what is up, kid?” Ask Swerve in a grin giving non-achoholic energon.

    “Today I was able to Transform into jet mode.” Answer Solarwind

    “Eh is that a big deal?” Ask Tailgate

    “Well yeah if you are stuck in robot mode.” Spoke Swerve in a grin. “It is like a sparkling taking it first transformation.”

    “Eh are you making fun of me again?” Ask Solarwind blinking in surprise

    “Yeah…” Answered Swerve

    “So what he transforms into?” Ask Tailgate in confusion

    “He is a flier and transform into a jet.” Spoke Cyclonis drinking his energon. “Tough breaks about Highbrow, kid?

    “You’re a Decepticon?” Spoke Solarwind in surprise. Looking at Cyclonis in disappointed way about Highbrow.

    “You have a gift of stating the obvious.” Spoke Cyclonis in a gruff tone

    “That is Cyclonis.” Spoke Tailgate quickly “What side are you on, Solarwind?”

    “Side?” repeated Solarwind

    “He is a neutral.” Spoke Swerve gruffly. “He hasn’t picked a side meaning Autobot or Decepticon.”

    “A seeker type is a Decepticon group.” Spoke Cyclonis in an even tone. “He belongs to same class as Starscream.”

    “Cyclonis that wasn’t nice.” Spoke Swerve looking at Solarwind giving a perplex look. As Tailgate withdrew from him

    “He is too nice ya know.” Spoke Cyclonis looking at Swerve. Watches Solarwind heading out of Swerve’s place. “People are talking him about and he will have to toughen up. He wasn’t raised with his family group. ”

    ”That is not real reason.” Spoke Swerve in a caustic tone.

    Rungs Office

    Rung sigh a bit the concern is rising and the files on his desk. It had to do with the common bond that the four transformers shared. His door buzz and Rung open to see Solarwind shifting nervously.

    “Solarwind….” Spoke Rung

    “I did not know who to go to.” Spoke the seeker confused.

    “Prowl sent you here?” Ask Rung

    “No, Prowl sent me to Orion Pax.” Answer Solarwind

    “What is your earliest memory?” Ask Rung calmly.

    “I was in labyrinth of building and I was crying.” Answer Solarwind went to sit on a couch. “Highbrow tried to make things better by given me Datapads that are not allowed. Highbrow would take me to see the stars. Like everyone at that place they hurt inside and eventually it will make feel hollow and empty. I think that is my fear as well. I may not shed tears now but I am crying inside.”
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    Orion Pax look at the young mech in surprise he is one that Prowl sent his way. Solarwind is a seeker style aircraft that originated from the same city state as Starscream. Orion Pax can see the young air warrior is wearing no insignia but then again Spolarwind has no real military record or any record for that matter. The Bronze and purple mech choose this color scheme himself and is one most reserved and passive air warrior Orion Pax ever seen.

    “You are staring is there something amiss?” Ask Solarwind passively.

    “I did not expect to see a Seeker working here.” Answer Orion Pax looking at the mech in question. In truth he was supposed to find the pod that Solarwind was on and not Lost Light but Prowl message is very confusing still.

    “The ship systems are calibrating and the repairs are nearly complete.” Spoke Solarwind looking at Orion Pax matter of fact tone.

    “It is a good job.” Spoke Orion Pax. Solarwind look startled and said nothing obvious not use to compliments. “So where are you from on Cybetron?”

    “I don’t remember but I assume it’s Centurion.” Answer Solarwind evenly.

    Orion Pax nodded as he walk onto his craft and head to mainframe of the ship computer.

    Name: Solarwind
    Status: Dead
    Faction: Un-aligned
    Place of Creation: Vos
    Function: Unknown
    Age: Mechling

    “Isn’t that the mech outside working our ship?” Spoke Hardhead looking at the file.

    “Yes…” Spoke Orion Pax “The file lists him as un-aligned and he is quite young when he died.”

    “When was the time listed he was dead?” Ask Hardhead in deep frown. “I have seen him before at the Clinic. He looks remarkably healthy for a dead guy."

    “It says here that Solarwind died when Centurion fell.” Answer Orion Pax . “I have some questions.”

    Outside the ship Solarwind walk around the perimeter of the ship carefully scan for any damage. Solarwind came to the ramp where Orion Pax and Hardhead as they exited the ship and they look at him.

    “Hey there Solarwind…,” Spoke Hardhead in friendly smile at the young mech. “it been awhile. I am Hardhead. Remember me?”

    “I remember things as humans would refer to as pieces of a puzzle.” Answer Solarwind looking puzzled. “I am sorry I do not remember you.”

    “Then where were you Solarwind.” Spoke Orion Pax growing more worried

    “I was sent to various facilities off planet of Cybertron.” Spoke Solarwind impassive look “Cyber Technology facility when their group of scientists woke me up from stasis. My ship crashed on planetoid about 500 solar cycles. I work with Cyber Technology and earn my freedom thereafter when the company repaired me. For a while I was at Cybertron observing Starscream and decided I really don’t want to know him personally.”

    Orion Pax merely nodded at the brief history of Solarwind even though it is greatly abridged. If Solarwind been at the Institute all this time it meant he been it is clutches for who knows what messed with his mind. Someone in charge at the Institute kept Solarwind as technician in field of Science and Medical. It was probable attempt on the Institute part to study the fliers of Vos to learn more of his brethren and counteract the threat they posed.

    “I think a lot bots feel the same way about Starscream.” Spoke Hound in amused tone. “Your shift is over cycles ago and you are to meet us at Swerve’s place.”

    “Does the Institute meaning anything to you?” Ask Hardhead looking at Solarwind calmly

    Solarwind gave sad and very haunted look at Hardhead. “It is a place that brings so much pain.”

    Rodimas walks up to the Orion Pax and Hardhead and spoke friendly. “Solarwind, go and relax you earn a break.”

    ”The ship maintenance is not done yet.” Spoke Solarwind in mild protest and knowing the look Rodimas gave him. “Very well there some text on sub-systems I want to review before I report to Huffer.”

    “I heard of reputation of the Institution,” Spoke Rodimas firmly after Solarwind leaves. “Orion Pax, Solarwind is a good mech but there are things I don’t like. A group of transformers are stressed out.”

    “You care a lot about the crew.” Spoke Orion Pax calmly.

    “Yet he is a slave.” Spoke Hardhead folding his arms.

    “Meaning Hardhead.” Ask Rodimas annoyed

    “Rodimas whoever controlling the group referred to are eventually going to come for them.” Spoke Orion Pax looking the Captain of Lost Light “They running from something and they have to face it.”

    “Now that is bad place.” Spoke Hardhead “And actually Solarwind is caring person makes you want to trust him. I lost Nightbeat to this group and I don’t want to lose anymore.”

    “Many are made into puppets and we know about the Autobots.” Spoke Orion Pax evenly. “It makes where Solarwind is not trying to be exceptional. Rodimas I would like to speak to Highbrow.”

    Orion Pax study the occupant in the Brig more closely. Highbrow sat there in silence barely acknowledge the other’s presence.

    “You cannot run forever, Highbrow.” Spoke Orion Pax gently.

    “I do apologize, Orion Pax, about involving the Autobots.” Spoke Highbrow looking at the other for the first time.

    “The files I gave you to read.” Spoke Orion Pax gently. “I must know who is involve, Highbrow.”

    “I really do not know who is all involved.” Answer Highbrow evenly. “If one of us was captured it would only risk the group and not the whole. I report to a contact and even then he did not know the leaders are anyways. We all had our functions and if wanted no punishment we did our jobs.”
    “What is your function then?” Ask Orion Pax somewhat irritated tone.
    “I ran the day to day affairs of one of the clinics.” Answer Highbrow. “Solarwind acted the liason between the Institute and the clinic. We all have our functions and I fail to see why you’re irritated.”
    “Highbrow….” Spoke Orion Pax firmly. “How were you treated?”
    Highbrow flinched and then shifted nervously. “I did my job and I wasn’t reprimanded.” Turn his back to Orion Pax so he wouldn’t see the turmoil on his face. “I did my job.”
    Orion Pax had the distinct sinking feeling the Institute Shadowplayed all their workers. “They punished you for failing to secure the clinic for the break in.”
    “Failure is not acceptable, Orion Pax.” Spoke Highbrow coldly. “I allowed a police officer and his assistant and my superiors had to correct it. So I was reprimanded.”

    “I see even now you don’t know the identities of the security officers.” Spoke Orion Pax

    “The incident was enough to get me reprimanded.” Spoke Highbrow confused turning to face Orion Pax. “The identities of the Security Officers are irrelevant and my superiors feel that I did not need to know. “

    “Highbrow, I will speak with you later.” Spoke Orion Pax.

    Rodimas waited outside of the brig. “Well.”

    “Rodimas…” Spoke Orion Pax looking at the younger mech. “He doesn’t know who is in charge. Also it seems that the new enemy is not above using their wares on the workers.”

    “I thought they used it on the Decepticons like Zeta intended.” Spoke Rodimas looking at Orion in disgust.

    “In the later years Zeta used on Autobots who loyalties are question.” Spoke Orion Pax sadly. “Brainwashing Highbrow they are not above that. “

    “Prowl?” Ask Rodimas looking at Orion Pax who is lost in thought. "I really love to get my hands on that mech!"

    “Prowl went through a lot of things.” Answer Orion Pax gentl noting Rodimas anger. “I don’t think all his actions are not entirely his responsibilities. “ Look at Rodimas. “All the evidence indicated if you believe Bombshell is that Prowl was Shadowplay recently. It allowed Bombshell complete control of Prowl for many moons and none of the Autobots realized that.”

    “The Institute again?” Spoke Rodimas getting annoyed

    “Hello Chromedome.” Spoke Orion Pax coolly. Looking at the mech sitting security office. “I am sorry about Rewind. I am also concern about your other friend, Prowl.”
    “I read the reports.” Spoke Chromedome indifferently.

    “And?” Ask Rodimas looking at Chromedome askance.

    “It wasn’t the Institute who Shadowplay, Prowl.” Answer Chromedome coldly. “It was me who Shadowplay, Prowl the last time. I wanted him to forget the things I did for the Institute. Overlord reminded me and this happened it was my fault. I still have trouble he choose the Decepticons.”

    “Prowl, didn’t join the Decepticons, I needed the truth Chromedome.” Spoke Orion Pax evenly. “It was something Bombshell said.”

    “You shaded the truth!” Shouted Chromdome in anger.

    “Actually I gave part of the report.” Spoke Orion Pax in regret.

    “It explains the meltdown.” Spoke Rodimas after reading the whole report. “Why Solarwind insisted that wasn’t the real Prowl.”
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    (The next part takes awhile because I want to do certain things. I created Solarwind because I can change the char over time the others not. This is a fan own musing. Who knows IDW may hire me this is a joke I enjoy it very much)
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    Orion Pax saw the young mech Solarwind coming towards him in shuffle and shifting nervously. The purple bronze mech wanted something. Is it all Seekers wear the emotions on their armor so to speak and not real adept hiding emotions. It is obvious that Silverwind wanted something.

    “Solarwind.” Spoke Orion Pax

    “I would like to give you this pad to give to Highbrow.” Spoke Solarwind calmly. "He doesn't want me to see him in the Brig."

    “The guards will have to look over it.” Spoke Orion Pax looking at the Pad.

    “It is about etiquette and behavior of the higher caste.” Spoke Solarwind in smile for first time . “Perhaps the Guards will benefit to learn some manners.”

    “Eh that wouldn’t hurt.” Spoke Orion in mirth. “I will see what I can do.”

    Brainstorm Lab

    “Hello Brainstorm.” Spoke Orion Pax looking at the Scientist

    “Orion…” Spoke Brainstorm in censorious tone. “I heard how you treated Chromedome. Why are you protecting Prowl?”

    “Prowl will answer for his misdeeds…,” Answer Orion Pax firmly. “and just as you will and so everyone else. I want to know why you refused to work with Solarwind.”

    “We get in each other’s way.” Answer Brainstorm. “He is highly skilled and we work better separately.”

    “It is not because he is a seeker?” Ask Orion Pax looking at the scientist.

    “The Employers were interested in Solarwind because he is a seeker.” Spoke Brainstorm looking at Orion Pax. “The wanted to know what makes Starscream tick and what makes a seekers tick in general. Solarwind grew up under very watchful eye of the Employers. I can work with him in this lab but on different projects.”

    “He doesn’t know how to behave as a seeker?” Ask Orion Pax as the thought just occurred him.

    “Oh Solarwind knows how to behave as per training that Highbrow gave him.” Answer Brainstorm amused tone.

    Swerve’s Place

    ` Tailgate watches Solarwind sitting by himself at the other table. In some ways it reminded how Drift was treated when he left the Lost Light. Some less charitable Autobots talk about him being a Seeker which made Tailgate wonder why that is so bad .

    “May I sit with you?” Ask Tailgate

    “Sure.” Answer Solarwind

    “I heard about some refer to your kind….” Spoke Tailgate curious tone. “what do they mean by that?”

    “The see the same body type as Starscream’s.” Answer Solarwind evenly. “Not the person. “

    “I don’t understand.” Spoke Tailgate startle at Solarwind’s words.

    “I hope you never do.” Spoke Solarwind trying to calm himself and remind that Tailgate is just curious. “Kind is a word to differentiate from other people. I am not saying that Starscream is a great guy because he isn’t. I have the same body type as Starscream they think I would stabbed them in back while they recharge.”

    “It isn’t right.” Protested Tailgate

    “Tailgate it ain’t about right or wrong….,” Spoke Swerve serving the drinks. “It hard to let go old emotions and the fact is Starscream can provoke as much emotions as any bot can. Truthfully Solarwind is atypical of the Seekers anyways but people will see the model first not the robot inside."

    “Surely other Seekers who are good people?” Ask Tailgate

    “Thundercracker is very honorable.” Answer Hound in a smile. “I believe he is still on Earth.”

    “Why Earth?” Ask Solarwind inquisitive tone.

    “Thundercracker loves Earth more than Cybertron.” Answer Hound thinking about exploring the planet again.

    “Must have some awesome mechs on that planet…” Spoke Tailgate in a thought. “I heard seekers prefer robotic life forms.”

    “It planet where organics are strong.” Spoke Swerve in mild disgust.

    “When a Transformers are troubled they think of Earth?” Ask Solarwind curious.

    “Strange question….” Noted Hound curious tone looking at Solarwind. “why ask it?”

    “I mean that what Prowl talk about….” Answer Solarwind

    “Heh no…” Answer Hound looking at Solarwind. “I think about Earth and it’s beauty. It is a planet that allows too forget about your troubles. I mean Jazz listens to Earth music which by the way his name type of genre it thrilled him to no end. It appeals to us differently, Solarwind. Earth is an acquired taste for some. “

    “I never had met an organic life form why are they so appealing.” Spoke Solarwind curious

    “I can’t imagine them being so appealing.” Spoke Tailgate

    “Humans remind us of ourselves….” Spoke Hound in a faint sad smile. “they reflect what is noble and as well despicable about us. Thundercracker study them more. It what the human doesn’t say is far more important. “

    “They must have super powers to reflect what is inside our core programming.” Spoke Tailgate in awe.

    “They are more powerful than that that.” Spoke Sunstreak. “The surface stuff is mere distraction what underneath is strong and powerful. “

    “Hunter again…” Spoke Hound

    “He was betrayed by his own kind.” Spoke Sunstreak coldly. “There is a many shadow agencies like Skywatch but have different agendas. “

    “Hunter could sense her mind and intent.” Spoke Sunstreak coldly. “She can read patterns and see probable outcomes and predict a person next move unerring accuracy.”

    “Psionics.” Spoke Solarwind in awe

    “What?” Ask Swerve

    “Some organics are gifted in energy reading.” Spoke Solarwind in awe. “I heard a Decepticon named Scorponok was very much interested in that study. It was a resource to be exploited.” Sipping his energon from the cube. “A violation of the mind in some organics is the worse crime you can do another. The more psionic active the species the more entrenched this core value is.”

    “Why would you know that?” Ask Sunstreak coldly. Petting Bob in agitated motions.

    “It is what interested my Employers.” Answer Solarwind watching him carefully. “They wished tap into the ability and exploit it. Humans kept pets didn’t they?”

    “Yes.” Answer Sunstreak as he sat down.

    Rung listen very carefully to the exchange between the two bots. Solarwind was going say something but he decided against it.

    Orion Pax is back on the brig.

    “You came back.” Spoke Highbrow in mild surprise. "You cannot find someone else to waste time with or just bored."

    “I am going give this Datapad.” Spoke Orion Pax calmly. Lowering the Brig force field and step inside as he hand Highbrow the datapad that Solarwind gave him.

    “Solarwind kept this.” Spoke Highbrow looking old pad over. “It the first Datapad I gave him.” Without tearing his optic sensors off it. “What do you want to know?”

    Orion Pax knew this first time Highbrow is smiling inside.
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    Observations by myself. (Datapad Entry)

    People or Transformers as some of the aliens species call us tend to show that they not like scientific fact. If you quantify the person in question as scientific fact and intriguing speculation they tend to get offended. It is strange that Rules and bounds of Social etiquette are so often ignored and some might say that some of the crew members have this love to confront the rules and break them. It makes that the rules of behavior and societal function moot and what is point of making them when people will continuously break them. This goes against what I read from Highbrow

    Solarwind watches the stars above the observation lounge and gather his thoughts. Rodimus wanted away team to a planetoid for some fresh supplies for Lost Light. Ultra Magnus look at the new mech a seeker no doubt.

    “Hello…” Spoke Ultra Magnus

    “Greetings and Salutations.” Responded Solarwind

    “Interesting greeting most mech respond with ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.” Mused Ultra Magnus “Which is the normal parameter of the greeting response.”

    “I thought it got kind of old.” Spoke Solarwind bored tone.

    “It may be ‘old’ but it is proper procedure.” Spoke Ultra Magnus looking at the mech. “I am Ultra Magnus the Second in Command of Lost Light.”

    “I am designate Solarwind.” Smiled Solarwind for the first time at the bigger mech. “I have no rank….”

    “You are not a Decepticon or an Autobot.” Spoke Ultra Magnus in frown.

    “That is correct Second In Command Ultra Magnus.” Smiled Solarwind in a politely. “I did not focus on either group to make an informed and correct decision about the factions. I feel that most of my friends are Autobots I may side with them . It is emotional response that is based in no logic. “

    “Ah lack of information is irritating.” Spoke Ultra Magnus “By the way it is Ultra Magnus.”

    “May I make an inquire of another sort?” Ask Solarwind curious.

    “Yes.” Nodded Ultra Magnus

    “I notice that the most of crew members have tendency to disregard rules and regulations…” Began Solarwind in a smile. “why is that?”

    “Rules and regulations are important.” Spoke Ultra Magnus in a serious tone. “You have excellent manners they are guiding force in behavior and discipline. Sometimes you have to operate outside rules and regulations.”

    “That is not logical, Ultra Magnus.” Spoke Solarwind in frustrated sigh. “Why do some mechs break the rules continuously it makes it like what point of having rules.”

    “Mechs are not very logical themselves.” Spoke Ultra Magnus looking at the flyer actually starting to like the kid. “If we did not have rules we will have utter chaos.”

    “There you are kid.” Spoke Swerve looking at Solarwind. “I heard the Rodimus assigned you on the mission.”

    “Hardhead is going to lead though.” Spoke Solarwind in an even tone.

    “Yeah stick to Hardhead close when combat comes.” Spoke Swerve gruffly.

    “I been in dozen battle sims by my employers.” Spoke Solarwind with confidence slightly annoyed at the analogy.

    “Battles are not combat sims, kid.” Spoke Swerve irritated. “You are the least experience mech there is after Tailgate.”

    “Unfortunately Swerve is correct.” Spoke Ultra Magnus in firm tone.

    “It is a job that has to be done.” Spoke Solarwind shifting uncomfortable by this concern for his safety and completely baffled by it. “I can do it. Please excuse me I must prepare for it.”

    “The kid has no clue.” Spoke Swerve looking at Ultra Magnus. “I mean if that how he treats people who are concern about his safety.”

    “Swerve, he is not used to people.” Spoke Ultra Magnus coolly. “The fact people do not always play by the rules confuses Solarwind. I get the feeling that the people he worked for were not concern about the safety either. As long as Solarwind did the job is what they care about.”

    Hardhead watches the jet scout the junk world for spare parts it is simple mission so far no hitches or worries. Solarwind relayed all telemetry to the group below. Hardhead look at the scanners and saw there are transformer life signals that did not belong to the group.

    The Scavengers study the flyer above them with great interest and even greater debate what to do about him.

    “Wow it looks like Starscream but it isn’t.” Spoke Misfire excitedly. “Hmmm no insignias on him either.”

    “Smash?” Asked Grimlock in robot form

    “Sure…,” Spoke Kork looking at the flyer in question

    “It is turning….” Spoke Fulcrum looking at the seeker jet curious. “it is not alone.”

    “You mean there is trine here…,” Spoke Misfire began shooting at the jet. “I mean a seeker trine.”

    “You want the Seeker’s friends to find us.” Spoke Fulcrum giving a baleful glare.

    “Grrrrrr.” Growled Grimlock glaring at Fulcrum and went after the seeker jet. “Me smash.”

    “Sure why not.” Spoke Spinister looking at the radar.

    Hardhead group look at the weapons fire as Solarwind dodges the incoming easily.

    “So we got Decepticon sigs out there.” Spoke Hardhead annoyed.

    “Someone has worse aim than Swerve does.” Spoke Tailgate evenly

    “That would be Misfire.” Nodded Hound lifted his head. “I think Solarwind found a Dinobot.”

    “The Dinobots are on Cybertron.” Spoke Hardhead evenly as Grimlock coming over the rise. “Four of them are.”

    “Grimlock….” Spoke Hound in a polite nod.

    Grimlock burst on to seen chasing after the Solarwind as he returns the group. Shortly followed by Misfire and the group took up defensive positions. Misfire shoots again trying to hit Solarwind and misses again and hits the some fuel next to shuttle craft. Hardhead looks at the group as they watch as the ship explodes.

    “Hi guys….” Spoke Misfire in a grin. “I am sorry about your ship I was trying to hit the seeker.”

    “He is our side.” Spoke Hound in shock.

    “I never saw him before.” Smiled Misfire in a bigger grin.

    “So that gives you reason to chase him?” Ask Tailgate looking the Decepticon Mech “With that thing.”

    “Grimlock….” Spoke Misfire looking at the Dinobot. “oh sure his destructive but the best mech that person you can have friend. The downside is he is an Autobot. ”

    “Grimlock smash!” Spoke Grimlock looking at Misfire then look at the Solarwind.

    “What is wrong with him?” Ask Hound looking concern at Dinobot leader as he pointed at Grimlock.

    “Nothing a good doctor can’t fix, I hope.” Spoke Misfire looking at the Dinobot leader in a concern tone.

    “Misfire….,” Spoke Hardhead looking at his ship in horror.

    “So you have a medic of some sort?” Ask Misfire hopefully.

    “It would be Solarwind.” Spoke Tailgate pointing to mech that hovering above and trying stay of melee range of Grimlock.

    “Grimmy, I think we can wait smashing that guy okay.” Spoke Misfire looking at the seeker.

    Grimlock shrug at Misfire then spoke. “Me no hurt.”
    “So what are doing here Misfire?” Ask Hardhead already regretting the answer.

    “Eh I am Scavenger so we are scavenging for materials to be sold.” Answer Misfire in a smile.

    “Who are we?” Ask the Hound as Hardhead radio the Lost Light.

    “Well they Decepticons like myself.” Grinned Misfire at the group. “I mean the only Autobot is I found is Grimlock. But he is honorary Scavenger. Well can that guy help him?”

    “Solarwind has a level of field medic.” Answer Hardhead getting more annoyed. Grimlock went off trying to catch Solarwind. “Misfire, Grimlock is brain damage that is for Ratchet will have to decide how to handle him.”

    “I don’t think Solarwind is going to land.” Spoke Misfire glumly as he watched the jet avoiding Grimlock and trying to stay near the Autobots. “At least Grimlock likes him.”

    “I don’t blame him for not landing.” Spoke Tailgate in a surprise tone.

    “So Solarwind can’t help him?” Ask Misfire disappointed.

    “I think Solarwind is more interested in playing keep away from Grimlock.” Answer Hound. “There is more of your group beyond the hill.”

    Hardhead look at the ship that now burning and the flyer who finally switch to robot form. Solarwind decided to stay close to his commander as he tried to assess what to do about Grimlock. Hardhead look at Hound realizing the mission is becoming too dangerous to newbies. Neither Tailgate nor Solarwind has any real combat experience. Misfire who is talking to Grimlock and trying to decide what is next.
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    The last post was bit a fun to add to the mix. Please feel free to comment.
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    Jetfire it did not curb his scientific curiousity that the fact the Lost Light is back on Cybertron. It was welcome news and that the missing Cybertronian life forms return with some lost and found mechs. The skirmishes with the Decepticons are slowly taking their toll on the morale of the group of Autobots. The two groups are blaming each other for Starscream success in Iacon. Jetfire learn a long ago to bury his feelings into work and so he avoided dealing with the pain of loss. Both he and Jazz are doing some surveillance or scouting mission for Decepticon patrols outside of Iacon.

    Highbrow look at the motley crew that Rodimus sent them on mission of finding Grimlock and that meant taking Misfire with them. Crankcase and Spinister seem mostly relieved to see their fellow Decepticon go with them which meant they opted spend time Huffer and getting Lost Light working. Fulcrum is busy working on the computers and communications arrays getting them functional. Now back on Cybertron and the general weirdness of things on some levels Rodimus wanted to make sure that Grimlock is secure. Means that Grimlock picks out the Cybertronian he likes or actually tolerates as companions. Orion Pax took off to find people who knew Solar which headed for Earth in search of Thundercracker according to Ultra Magnus. Ratchet repair most of his cerebro processing functions the sentence structure of Grimlock has improved. Highbrow found he out he was on like list when Grimlock leaves him half chewed beam front of his room.

    Truth is that Highbrow look at the sky the Autobot factions that are Lost Light and Cybertron are not seeing optic sensor to optic sensors. Bumblebee will be less than thrilled to have Grimlock wandering around the wilds of Cybertron. Bringing Solarwind truth the young medic always be the bright spot in Highbrow life. Highbrow is very glad to have the youngster about.

    Grimlock look at the sky seeing Jetfire flying and hearing the engine of Jazz. He smells some Decepticons that he regarded enemies not like the ones he consider friends. Grimlock grin in dynobot form and it is smile. Highbrow talk a lot of fancy words and it was the sound of his voice had a melodic quality and it is soothing even though Grimlock did not always understand what he said. Grimlock watch his other friend one that calms and talks to others smoothing things out. Highbrow one is older friend and the Solarwind is new friend. Misfire excitable nature is also brought the Dynobot to smile. Former prey is always entertaining and how he can’t sit stilll and gets in trouble and needs help to get out of it. The scents of his former companions the Dynobots and the Ironhide are not far. Grimlock snarled for a moment and he did not wish the Dynobots harm his new companions that need more guarding. All of them seems more delicate than the next.

    “Grimlock back.” Spoke Swoop as flew in front of him.

    “Swoop.” Spoke Grimlock looking at the other Dynobot

    “Good to see the boss bot.” Spoke Swoop evenly

    “Me not sure.” Spoke Slag looking at Grimlock

    Grimlock look at the other Dynobots coming over the hill and Ironhide deep in thought. “Me Grimlock thinks like Slag.”

    “New scents.” Spoke Sludge looking balefully

    Ironhide look at Grimlock the Dynobot commander as shifted trying to decide what to do next. The files that Rodimus had sent told Ironhide that Grimlock likes his new companions and did not wish them harmed. Hard feelings between the Dynobots and Grimlock and it was same for the crew of Lost Light and Autobots on Cybertron. Ironhide look up the commander’s new companions which odd assortment. Solarwind is totally new bot but there is scant information outside of spark formation which is he a youngling and the medic of the group. Other than a group called Institute had population believe the kid was dead 4 million years really is not nice bunch. Misfire another mystery but according to the reports is the Decepticon and the one has worst aim all of Cybertronian life. Misfire cheerful and noisy hyperactive which made Grimlock somewhat protective of. Highbrow oddly enough Rodimus stated he is parental role model in Solarwind’s life but has ability to calm the Dynobot commander. Which the Commander of Lost Light found to be most pretentious and snobbish bot there is.

    “It seems like a personal matter and issue.” Spoke Ironhide sagely. “How are doing Grimlock? I heard you have new companions.”

    “Friends yes.” Nodded Grimlock as he transform in Robot mode.

    “New friends, good.” Nodded Slag relieved that Grimlock did not want to come back.

    “Autobots and Decepticons.” Spoke Grimlock looking at the Dynobots. “Sludge, Snarl, Slag and Swoop doing good? Grimlock good.”

    “Grimlock there you are it was rude to wander off like that.” Spoke Highbrow looking at the Dynobots. “I know, the importance of the Dynobots are to you.”

    “It was like you totally could hurt or slag…” Spoke Misfire in a rush. “or worse.”

    “Grimlock knows his strength and weakness.” Spoke Solarwind trying to reassure Misfire actually neutral. “I sure Grimlock can hold them off until we got there.”

    Ironhide watch Solarwind carefully he seen this mech before skulking about Iacon he was part of the NAILs and trying to figure out what make of life on Cybertron. The kid lacks confidence that he is portraying it is in his body language. Ironhide read the reports on the Institute from Orion Pax it rankle him to no end that an organization caused so much havoc in Transformers lives it came across. Orion told him the kid didn’t know who his parental sparks are.

    “Jets is flying above us.” Spoke Solarwind looking at the shuttle calm expression.

    “It is scouting mission.” Spoke Ironhide briskly noting the shorten form of Jetfire name from Solarwind which out of character from the file. “So who is the medic of your group, Highbrow?”

    “Solarwind is and he is totally great at it.” Spoke Misfire in a rush but Grimlock step in between the Decepticon and Dynobots. “He fixes things like nobody business.”

    “Do you need one?” Ask Hound calmly.

    “Yeah we could use assistance.” Spoke Ironhide looking at Solarwind for a moment. “Highbrow, a word in private for a moment and Hound keep an eye on things.”

    Highbrow look at Ironhide deeply puzzled and follow him out of audio range of the group. “What seems to troubling your mind?”

    “I need a medic but that true.” Spoke Ironhide in a sigh. “The fact is I know who Solarwind is a neutral and not Autobot.”

    “I see the problem.” Spoke Highbrow in deflated sigh.

    “It is his seeker like form.” Answer Ironhide in a gruff tone. “And Starscream long ago they had a relationship.”

    “I can send him back to the Lost Light.” Spoke Highbrow and in a sigh. “I can also have him replaced with Ratchet. Our main orders to get Grimlock back on the ship.”

    “Hey Solarwind….” Spoke Misfire calling the young mech attention. “why did you call Jetfire ‘Jets’ moment ago? Did you know him?”

    Solarwind look completely baffled at Misfire then spoke. “It was very rude of me to do so.”

    “Solarwind you can be a little rude.” Smiled Hound at the jet.

    “These are new friends, boss?” Spoke Swoop regarding the group curious

    “Yes Swoop.” Spoke Grimlock looking at each of the Cybetronians. “Hound, sniff stuff. “ Hound merely wave at the Dynobots. “Misfire funny mech talks a lot.” Nodded to the purple jet next to bronze/purple one who seems to be quieter. “Solarwind, mech good with hands.” The mech look at the Dynobots and shifted nervously. “Highbrow went with Hide nice voice.”

    Hound just let out laughter at the introductions. “I guess Highbrow does have nice voice.”

    “At least the introductions and salutations are not brutal as Misfires’ “ Spoke Highbrow coming back to the group.

    “I always wonder why you like Highbrow’s company.” Spoke Misfire in awe.

    “Me not understand words but voice is nice.” Spoke Grimlock appreciative tone

    “Grimlock very few understand Highbrow when he speaks.” Spoke Hound trying to stop laughing

    “I fail to see what is so amusing.” Spoke Highbrow irritated with Hound

    “Why Autobots not Dynobots?” Ask Sludge

    “They delicate.” Spoke Grimlock in knowing tone. “Break easily. Must take care.”

    “Someone is vastly amused when he should be insulted.” Spoke Solarwind in dismay at Hound.

    “No it is funny.” Spoke Jazz looking at the group and not seeing Jetfire stricken look. “It is how we describe humans.”

    “Hey Jets you look like you seen a ghost.” Spoke Misfire running up to the Shuttle. “Or is that human ghost or a spark can be ghost?” Then Looks at Solarwind following the line sight of Jetfire. “Solarwind are you a ghost?”

    “’A ghost….’” Repeated Solarwind looking at Misfire in puzzlement. “No.”

    Ironhide watch Jetfire from the ground exactly that he wished to avoid. In truth it is not because that the Solarwind is a seeker type but that he had a past with Jetfire.

    Bumblebee glared at Rodimus as sat behind his desk. “Well I see the crew changed a bit.”

    “We lost some good bots and gain some as well.” Responded Rodimus “It seems that Highbrow wants to switch his medic out.”

    “We could use few medics.” Spoke Bumblebee in an even tone almost hating to ask for help.

    “So about Prowl?” Began Rodimus looking at the yellow bot sitting across from him.

    “He is not on Cybertron.” Spoke Bumblebee concern

    “I know he is not.” Spoke Rodimus tersely

    “I don’t know where he is.” Spoke Bumblebee finally.

    “I will send down Ratchet and Ambulon.” Spoke Rodimus

    “Your two best medics.” Spoke Bumblebee genuinely touched. “It doesn’t leave you short –handed?”

    “No I still have Solarwind and First-Aid.” Spoke Rodimas in a smile.

    “Solarwind was on the planet near my base?” Ask Bumblebee

    “Yes.” Spoke Rodimus in a frown. “I put him on Grimlock sitting duty.”

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