I’m getting fed up *EVERY ONE READ*

Discussion in 'Transformers Funnies' started by Seth Buzzard, Dec 20, 2006.

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    The whole vibe in here is getting combative and vindictive and I’m getting sick of it. If some one is posting inappropriate things in your comic thread REPORT them. If you think some one is posting inappropriate thing in some one’s thread you like REPORT them. Do not take matters into your own hands and get into a fight with them or start making comics about them. If some one dose something worthy of getting a warning point and you further agitate them you will also get a warning point. We have a process for trouble making posters, it might not happen over night but trouble makers will eventually get them selves banned so let the mods do there jobs.

    I hate to do this, Funnies had been such a mellow easy going forum and until the few trouble makers get themselves under control I’m going to have to start acting more like movie forum mod.

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