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    This is NOT indicated by the script I read, but just a scene I have in my head, sort of inspired by the instance where the tow truck jumps the overpass in Terminator 2, but I went beyond that:

    a helicopter flies in low over the streets of Los Angeles where a deadly firefight is erupting between Autobots and Decepticons.

    The chopper targets advanced Cybertronian death rays at one particular Autobot or another. Just before it has the chance to fire...

    From the roof of an adjacent parking structure, level with the chopper's hovering elevation, a huge red semi-truck with flames blazed on its front end smashes through the brick retaining wall at the edge of the building. It is driving at nearly 150 mph!

    This flaming semi-rig crashes straight through the MH3 Chopper, shattering it into pieces over the streets of Los Angeles before it ever gets a chance to fire. The truck, hurtling down at incredible velocity suddenly transforms into OPTIMUS PRIME and instead of crashes, springs off his hands, rolls out of his dive, and comes up firing at Decepticons as "The Touch" blares out of movie screen speakers and the smoldering parts of Blackout reign down like fireworks in the sky!

    I have tears in my eyes as I type this. OK - I have a serious thing for Optimus Prime!

    But he's going to make Blackout "one" with the blacktop!!!

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