Hypothetical Combat Scenario 3: Attack the Maximal Fleet! Take the Axalon II!

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    The time has come! Megatron has gathered the full might of the Predacon forces and has set his fleet on course for Cybertron!

    Optimus Primal and the Rest of the Maximals returning to Cybertron from Earth, now find themselves having to launch into space yet again soon after they've returned home on the newly constructed Maximal Flagship the Axalon II.

    As a Predacon, you are given orders to Capture the Maximal Flagship. You can allow the Maximals to escape, or trap them in their ship once you take control.

    If that is chosen, you are free to slaughter the Maximals.

    If they Escape you'll have to deal with them later as they attempt to mount a defense on Cybertron against Megatron's forces as they land forces.


    The choice is to board the Maximal Ship, and either Trap the Crew basically means you have either prisoners or Hostages....or Take the Bridge, Engineering, Armory, and Communications and slaughter the crew at their posts or let them flee like the cowards they are [if you so choose to destroy their escaping pods]

    So Take Prisoners, or Slaughter them?

    Your boarding party consists of as many Predacons as you can take with you without leaving your own ship vulnerable to a Maximal Boarding party. Your Weapons are whatever you can carry with you.

    And if you run into Optimus Primal, you're free to exterminate his spark core which is your Prime order from Megatron.

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