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    Name - Hydra
    Japanese Name - ハイドラー (Hydra)
    Japanese Number - D-33/VS-33 (with Rockbuster)

    Tech Spec - Faction - Destron
    Tech Spec - Sub Group - N/A
    Tech Spec - Function - Air Raider
    Tech Spec - Motto - N/A
    Tech Spec - Official Bio -
    Hydra's firearm is limited to "Wingshot" and he does not have any larger weapon, but his speciality is the speed, and he is reputedly the fastest among Destrons. He is quite cunning, and capable of plan various strategies to make things difficult for Cybertrons. He confronted Big Convoy with his fortress Junk Planet.

    Tech Spec - Strength - 5
    Tech Spec - Intelligence - 8
    Tech Spec - Speed - 10
    Tech Spec - Endurance - 4
    Tech Spec - Rank - 6
    Tech Spec - Courage - 6
    Tech Spec - Firepower - 5
    Tech Spec - Skill - 7

    Toy Info - Status (Released, Not Released, Cancelled, Delayed) - Released
    Toy Info - Release Date - Year - 1999
    Toy Info - Release Date - Month

    Toy Info - Wave
    Toy Info - Original Price - 750yen(VS-33 - 1480yen)
    Toy Info - Size Class - Basic
    Toy Info - Suggested Age - 5+
    Toy Info - Assortment Number
    Toy Info - Product Number
    Toy Info - UPC/Barcode Number
    Toy Info - DPCI Numbers
    Toy Info - Per Case

    Toy Info - Reissues - None
    Toy Info - Recolors/Reuses -
    Hydra is a recolour of Beast Wars Lazerbeak (Hasbro, 1997) who is a recolour of Beast Wars Terrorsaur (Hasbro, 1996). This mould is also recoloured into Fractyl (Botcon exclusive, 1997) and Armada Dinotbots Swoop/Terranotron (Wal*Mart exclusive, Hasbro, 2003).

    Toy Info - Toy Variants
    Toy Info - Part Variants
    Toy Info - Package Variants

    Toy Info - Additional Info

    Cartoon / Movie - Overview -
    Hydra is stationed in Planet Porcupine, which is an artificial fortress somewhere far, far away in the space, with nothing much around. He is all alone except for his assistant bot, Ope. They continue to add to Porcupine parts of spaceships that Hydra raids, but besides that Hydra's life is boring. He loves to tell jokes to Ope, but she's so sick of hearing the same ones over 8 thousand times....Guiledart and Hydra hate each other, with Hydra remembering every dirty trick Guiledart pulled on him.

    Cartoon / Movie - Voice Actor - Ryo Naito
    Cartoon / Movie - Appearances
    Cartoon / Movie - Sounds

    Episodes - Beast Wars Neo Appearances -
    12. Lonely Hydra
    27. Pursue the Blentrons!

    Comics - IDW Overview
    Comics - IDW Appearances
    Comics - Kodansha Comic Bom Bom (by Shoji Imaki)

    Review - Review
    Review - Authors Name
    Review - Overall Score

    Parts - Figure Type - Dinosaur (Pteranodon)
    Parts - Primary Figure Color - Purple, Red

    Parts - Gun -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) - 1 Gun (Purple)
    Parts - Other -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color)

    Parts - Additional Info

    Other - (Any other info on the toy or character) -
    Instant transformation - Transform instantly by pressing the lever on his neck while in the air. Draw Wingshot fast from the back, and shoot from the sky!

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