Hunting for Loose Gen 1 / gen 2 lots!

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Wolve, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Ello all!

    Been awhile since i lasted posted on here, lol

    anyways Im on the great hunt again! however a lone wolf cant really survive with out the pack.. Sooooo

    I am looking Loose Gen 1 or Gen 2 figures, Im mostly looking for a large lot deal rather then buying one by one figure..
    so if anyone has anything please PM what you have or show pictures!

    EDIT: Thank you all who have sent PMs and posted on here but what i ment is that im looking for Not boxed, Loose, maybe tight joints, sticker wear and what not, Nothing Minty.. Nothing that would cost an arm and a leg.. or a kidney for that matter =/ Like used bots pretty much..

    im interesting in anything really around those two gens.

    I dont want anything new or whatever, must be loose!


    Alright.. since this is not working like id hoped..
    what i ment is that im looking for bots that are Kinda junkish but not really
    like on the borderline i guess..

    anyways I hope this helps more in what im looking for =/

    And one last note.. I dont care what they go for on ebay..
    so please none of that.

    Mostly looking for incomplete bots NOT BOXED not with the box, eather
    between junkish or just a loose bot, No crazy prices please
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  2. Insane Galvatron

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    I have quite a bit of G2 for sale in my thread. Mostly Primes and Megatrons. My Prime's are boxed ( except Hero ) and the gobots ( Megatron too ) carded but opened. I do have a loose G2 Prime ( the original Prime mold ) who is mostly complete. He is not listed, but you can make an offer.

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