By Generation: Human Alliance Leadfoot: Small Fix

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    Hood/suspenders part:

    As you try to fold the hood/suspenders part over, you will see some squared plastic reinforcement stopping it. Just get some clippers or [an] X-Acto and trim it. [This] won't change [the] transformation. It’s still tight on the back of his head, but [it] easily swings down. The hinges I trimmed. If I didn’t trim those, it was stressing the hinges WAY too much for my taste:


    Cram the slider as far forward you can get, and push the door hinges up to hold it.
    What I have now, is about as good a mix between accuracy, playability, and ease of modification that makes me happy enough to get back on the side of Leadfoot:





    Yep . [There are] no real issues. [It] works fine in car mode.

    Another nice mod is the front wheel wells. There is a grey hinge with a square on the rotator to stop it from folding more to allow it to tuck in closer to the body. This is a really easy shave; when you look, you’ll see.

    I went from complete buyer’s remorse, this thing is not worth a pinch of rat shit, to LOVING the mold.

    I WILL say....I could NOT have made that transition without straying from the instructions, and making a few mods.
    I know some say they can do that flip without mods. The more I tried to flip the double hinge up over the windshield, I was getting REALLY bad stressing, so I just did the cut.
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