Human Alliance: Jazz

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    Bringing my Next Custom to the eBay stomping grounds, link is in the Sig..........

    I remember when this figure came out, and i knocked it SO HARD....Its was too skinny, we don't need a HA Jazz, Deluxe version was better................yeah, i know right? Lol

    I was set on not buying this one, but i was searching for a new fig to buy, and i was in target deciding if i wanted HFTD Voyager Seaspray or Leader Class Starscream, then i saw Jazz, and i swear i blacked out and when i came to, i was at my work station with a Human Alliance Jazz in front of me......hmmmm, i cant seem to figure out how i ended up buying one, but whatever.

    All i know is, all the mess i talked about this figure was shot out the window, my opinion of Jazz quickly changed, but it went beyond just this figure, i sat back and realized how amazing the boy was in G1, awesome ALT mode, Prime's 2nd in command and of course he's BLACK, lol.

    So what i did since the ALT mode paint job was flawless, i focused on the robot parts, and if i say so myself, it all turned out great. If you HAVE NOT picked this figure up yet and want more than what the deluxes have given us, why not get this one sprinkled with a little bit of greatness.

    LongHaulCreations is proud to presents.........


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