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    I have a few things for sale. Smoke free home. Displayed only. Shipping not included in price. Paypal only. I can probably also find the instructions.

    If you do pay with Paypal, when you are filling out the SEND MONEY portion, on that page under the "Amount" to send box there are two tabs. One reads "PERSONAL", click that. Then click "Payment Owed" tab. Last click, "Continue".
    If you do this it will keep Paypal from getting a cut of that money you send.

    Loose Human Alliance sideswipe ( no epps figure) - $20
    Loose Human Alliance skids ( no mikalea figure, no arcee figure) - $20

    Loose altenators Grimlock (complete) - $20

    Animated voyager prime loose with 2 pack axe and original axe( complete) - $15
    Grimlock loose ( complete) - $15
    deluxe bumble bee( no rockets) - $8
    electrostatic soundwave (no ratbat keytar) - $6

    movie seeker lot (2007 target g1 starscream, walmart skywarp, 2007 thundercracker) -30 for lot of 3 or $15 each
    movie 1 arcee - $8

    5 pack batman -5
    longhair superman, trimmed hair, looks good -5

    galactus varient green hulk -5
    ronin series thing -5
    ares series orange torch -5
    spiderman classics juggernaut -5
    new 2 pack torch -5
    ml 2 doom -5
    apoc series wolverine -5
    avengers box set giant man -5
    face off daredevil -5
    ronin series mole man -5
    IM mark 1 -5
    IM mark 3 -5
    IM siver centurion movie (target) -5
    1st app iron man- 5
    movie super poseable spiderman- 5
    movie black suit spiderman- 5
    1st appearance spiderman - 5

    30 shipped takes everything in the pic. ring and accessories.

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