Hulk, Transformers and He-Man

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    Why can't one edit a title at this forum?!?!?

    I meant to type 'Hulk, TURTLES and He-Man.'

    I guess 'Transformers' just slipped out because of where I'm posting. Sorry!

    I desperately wanted this thing last year:


    ...and timing and circumstance ended up giving me two of them. A year later I figure I don't need both of them. :roll:

    One caveat:


    The one arm is loose. He still looks wicked, though.

    I'm also parting with my Alien Hunter Ninja Turtles, 'cause I also have the standard versions, and it seems silly to have doubles:



    I switched some of their heads with the traditional ones.

    Mikey's bandana is scratched in one place:


    And many of their accessories are missing, on accounta they sucked arse and I tossed 'em.

    I'll give you this random assortment of gear:


    I also have some Commemorative reissues of He-Man and Skeletor:



    The outer packaging is a little dinged up, though of course the inner package, being the replica of the old school packaging, is perfect.

    PayPal works; just quote me what you think is a fair price.

    Or trading works, if you have any Sigma 6 stuff or Build-A-Figure guys.

    I have only conducted a couple-few trades here at TFW, but I have a buttload of feedback at JBL:

    JoeBattleLines Forums • View topic - Monte Williams

    Plus my eBay handle is montegeekcreekwilliams, if you want to check my feedback there.



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