HUGE trade / sale list, mostly complete G1s, some parts, some later stuff...look!

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    Okay, I've done some inventory, and here's my trade list. I didn't get to my BW stuff much, but there are a few figures listed that I know I have. I will only trade for items on my list, so please don't offer other things. The prices are fairly firm. They were going to be ebay items, but I figured I'd try here first. Don't be afraid to make a trade offer, though! If you have anything on my wants list, we can probably deal somehow :)  I'm not adverse trading figure for figure and throwing in an accessory or two on top of it. Targetmasters in particular are tickling my fancy these days. Oooooh, my fancy. Any prices listed do not include shipping. If no price is listed, make an offer or ask!

    Parts / Bodies Wanted:

    Wreck-Gar Axe
    G2 Starscream horizontal tailfins (left and right)
    Pretender Grimlock Shell, Big Gun, Helmet (or complete figure, or missing tail piece…)
    Micromaster Greasepit gas sign (or complete figure…as long as it includes the gas sign)
    Micromaster Airwave missile
    G1 Omega Supreme small clip x2
    G1 Swoop chest landing gear wheel
    Euro Predator Falcon body only, good condition w/stickers
    Action Master Starscream Missile x2, Gun, Wheels
    Micromaster Groundshaker (green jet only. unbroken)
    Micromaster Ironworks (yellow truck only, unbroken)

    COMPLETE Loose Figures Wanted (C8ish or better):

    Targetmaster Cyclonus
    Targetmaster Scoop
    Targetmaster Blurr
    Targetmaster Pointblank
    Pretender Vroom
    Pretender Crossblades
    Pretender Bumblebee
    Pretender Jazz
    Pretender Waverider
    Pretender Landmine
    Pretender Longtooth
    Pretender Pincher
    Pretender Doubleheader
    Blaster, no broken antennae or broken gun please
    Triggercon Crankcase (w/working guns and good stickers!)
    MyClone Arcee
    MyClone Ultra Magnus
    Choro-Q Optimus
    Choro-Q Rodimus

    Comics Wanted:

    Marvel Super Heroes 1991 Fall Special, 1992 Winter Special
    Death’s Head II 2 (ongoing series with X-Men guest star)
    Age of Apocalypse trade v3
    Age of Apocalypse trade v4

    Parts / Bodies I have for trade:

    Blackout (Micromaster) – pair of wings
    Blitzwing - gun
    Bluestreak – left missile launcher
    Bonecrusher – gun
    Cloudburst – shell(some wear), inner robot, belt
    Devastator – waist connector, left hand, right forearm X3, head laser,
    Dirge – left wing, right wing
    Grimlock - gun
    Groundbreaker – large gun
    Hot Spot – gun
    Ironhide/Ratchet – missile
    Metroplex – Scamper body (rings that hold on arms are cracked, but still hold arms if you get them)
    Optimus Prime – gray missile
    Optimus Prime (Powermaster) - head, black gun, gray gunX2, back panel(intact with good sticker)
    Ransack – shield
    Rippersnapper – body, c7+
    Shockwave (Action Master) – body(some paint wear), partner arm
    Soundwave - missile
    Skids – double laser
    Skystalker – left wing, minor stress on hinge(not close to breaking or anything)
    Skywarp – missile launcher
    Snarler - gun
    Sprocket – body (great condition), right wing, helicopter blade, missile X2
    Swindle – bug gun
    Trailbreaker/Hoist – double missile
    Ultra Magnus – chestpiece X2, missile, rear trailer door half(the white piece that opens on the back and becomes a shin decoration)
    Waverider - belt
    World’s Smallest Ramjet, complete (regular and clear version available)

    Figures I have for SALE or trade:
    (figures with * have tech spec included!)


    Barrage, complete* (c8) $55
    Bombshell, complete* (c8) X2 $15
    Chopshop, complete* (c8) $55
    Cyclonus, complete* (c8) $80
    Dirge, complete (c8) $50
    Darkwing, complete* (c8) usual clip behind nosecone is broken, doesn’t affect anything. $75 (on hold)
    Doubledealer, complete* (c8) (tech spec has decoder stuck over stats) (on hold)
    Dreadwind, complete* (c8) $85 (on hold)
    Galvatron, complete* (c8) a little loose in left shoulder(non-cannon arm), electronics do not work, but otherwise very nice. $40
    Hosehead, (c9) has head, helmet, large gun, no stickers $30
    Micromaster Japanese chase Sixbuilder green crane X2 sealed in baggie $5
    Mirage, complete* (c8) includes all 3 missiles, definitely NOT knockoff $60
    Pounce and Wingspan, complete** (c9) $35 (on hold)
    Quake, complete* (c8) minor stress on piece behind foot, doesn’t affect anything $40
    Ransack, complete* (c8) $55
    Roadblock, complete (c8) one hand on little robot is chipped. Hurray gold plastic! $85
    Roadgrabber, complete (c8) $40
    Seaspray (c8) $8
    Shockwave, electronics work, figure in very loose shape with some minor breakage on a spot or two. Not a great piece, but decent enough for display if mixed in with lots of other figures J. Leg needs new screws. Has battery cover. Has Shackwave laser hand. Sight is missing. $30
    Shrapnel, complete (c8) X2
    Springer, complete (c9) sword is a little loose but still stands, minor chrome wear $60Thrust, complete* (c8) $55
    Triggerhappy, (c6) figure is yellowing, one arm cannon is loose, Blowpipe is missing his little cannon, and one clip for his leg is broken. Legs are present. Yay. $20
    Venom, complete* (c8) $55
    Warpath (c8) $8

    Alpha Trion / Weirdwolf set SEALED $150
    Springer / Huffer set SEALED $110

    Beast Wars:
    TM2 Megatron kneecap
    Polar Claw bat/paw

    Transmetal Tarantulas, complete c8
    Fox Kids Transmetal Tarantulas, complete c9
    Japanese Manterror, complete c9
    TM2 Ramulus complete c8
    Wal-Mart Rattrap "Packrat" complete c8

    Beast Machines all c9

    Thrust complete
    Motorcycle Drone complete
    Jetstorm deluxe complete
    Stryka complete
    Blastcharge complete
    Tankor complete
    Tank drone complete
    Obsidian complete
    Scavenger complete
    Mirage complete

    Armada Mini-Cons:

    White head guy from Sideways

    Japanese Blind-pack mini-cons:

    yellow tiger
    black wolf
    black police car

    3” Titaniums (sealed)

    Transformers Grimlock
    Battlestar Galactica Classic Cylon Raider
    Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Mark II (black and blue version)

    6” Titaniums (sealed)

    Battlestar Galactica Big Galactica $60
    Transformers Megatron (not War Within)
    Transformers The Fallen
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    bump! Some deals in progress!
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    Pm sent.
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    Trade ya!

    Pm'd 2x. check it out.
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    Bump! A few deals in progress! Items will be shipped Tuesday to all of you! Any other takers? Everything listed is still available unless it says "on hold." Still looking for Targetmasters other than Sureshot...
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    BUMP Plenty of stuff left. Really looking for a Targetmaster Cyclonus, Blurr, or Pointblank!

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