Huge Toy Sale, Look Inside!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Iron Spider-Man, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Jun 20, 2008
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    Huge Toy Sale, Gundam, Star Wars, Street Fighter and Iron Man Movie Figures!

    In an effort to concentrate on two lines, GI Joe and Transformers, and reduce the space that all of this stuff takes up, and just does that, takes up space, I am getting rid of a TON of stuff. I already had my ML and DCUC/SH lots sell, as well as my Halo 3 sell. However, in an effort to increase exposure, I am posting links to my stuff, here!

    Iron Man Movie Toys

    SotA SF Figures

    Star Wars Figures

    Gundam/MSia Figures

    Thanks for looking! (Mods if this is in the wrong spot, let me know where to move it to, or move it for me please?)

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