HUGE MOVING SALE!!! Everything must go before Thanksgiving!

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    Removed sold items

    It's past Thanksgiving again, and I still need this stuff gone ASAP! Let me know what you're interested in and I'm sure we can work something out. All prices are negotiable.

    I have a bunch of stuff from many different lines, so be sure to scroll all the way down to see everything. Shipping cost will be determined by order quantity and location. As of now I am only shipping within the lower 48 States. I ship via USPS and will always try to ship the least expensive way possible, whether it is First Class, Priority, Parcel Post, or Flat Rate. You must specify if you want your item shipped differently and will be responsible for excess cost. Minimum shipping cost for small parts is $3.

    Here's my Feedback

    For trades, please see my wanted items list.

    Alright, on to the goods!

    iGear PP-03 Conehead Seekers (all included boxes and clamshells, no comics or stickers, some very minor QC issues, message for details). UPDATE: Also including a set of 3 clear flight stand arms from the official MP Seekers since the original ones were damaged - $100 each or $275 for the set

    Beast Wars

    Incomplete figures
    Ironhide (complete with both clubs) - SOLD
    Manterror (missing 1 disk) - SOLD
    Silverbolt (missing missiles) - SOLD
    Jetstorm (missing 1 missile) - SOLD
    Buzzclaw (missing right mantis arm) - SOLD
    Cybershark (missing right fin) - $5

    Incomplete figures/junkers
    Amrada Rhinox (missing horn, side panels) - SOLD
    TM Rhinox (lime green variant, complete with horn, horn not pictured) - $10
    Waspinator (missing wings/missiles) - SOLD
    Waspinator (missing wings, missiles, chest piece, 1 wasp leg piece) - $1
    TM2 Dinobot (missing tail, lower jaw, left raptor arm/robot leg) - TRADED
    TM2 Iguanus (missing tail/robot head, 3 frill pieces, right arm) - $1
    TM2 Optimus Minor (missing tail, chrome wear, bite marks on face) - TRADED
    Mutant Icebird (missing rear bear legs, owl head) - $1

    Machine Wars/Beast Machines
    MW Prowl - NFS
    MW Mirage - NFS
    MW Hubcap - NFS
    BM Mirage (complete) - $6 SHIPPED
    BM Tankor (missing missile) - SOLD
    Thrust (complete) - SOLD

    ROTF Deluxe Gears (loose, complete) - SOLD
    ROTF Cyberverse Soundwave (loose, complete) - $3
    2007 Leader Optimus Prime (loose, complete) - SOLD
    ROTF Breakaway (loose, complete) - $8
    2007 Deluxe Bumblebee (Loose, complete) - $8

    A/E/C Trilogy
    Legends Leo Prime (missing claws, neck flap) - SOLD
    Cybertron Undermine (missing tail, planet key) - $2
    Cybertron Backstop (missing planet key) - $5
    Energon Rapid Run (missing missiles, includes minicons from Armada Sideways) - $10
    Universe Leo Prime (missing tail, planet key) - SOLD

    Supreme Cybertron Starscream (100% complete) - $40


    FOC Grimlock (MISB) - $25

    Rattrap - $15
    Rhinox - $20
    Waspinator - $15
    Take the lot for $45

    Star Wars Crossovers
    Jedi Starfighter/Anakin Skywalker (loose/complete) - TRADED
    Millennium Falcon/Han Solo/Chewbacca (includes all weapons, missing small figurines) - $20
    Jedi Starfighter/Anakin Skywalker (missing cockpit windshield, lightsabers) - SOLD
    X-Wing/Luke Skywalker (missing pilot, all weapons) - TRADED


    BW TM Terrorsaur right wing - $1
    BW Waspinator missile - SOLD
    BW Orcanoch (Micromachine playest) missiles (2x) - SOLD
    Crossovers Millennium Falcon top missile - SOLD
    BW Universe Depth Charge disc - $1
    BW Terragator shell/shield - SOLD
    BW Armordillo back feet with weapons - SOLD
    BW Iguanas tail/gun - $2
    Animorphs Marco/Gorilla left fist - $1
    Animorphs Cassie/Wolf right claw - $1
    BW Buzzsaw right wing - SOLD

    Telemocha Dinobot mutant mask - $5
    BW Rhinox mutant mask - SOLD
    BW Dinobot (original) left mutant mask half - SOLD
    BW Silverbolt (eagle) head - $1
    BW Cicadacon head - SOLD

    BW TM Rattrap right arm - $1
    BW Cheetor (Fox Kids) left arm - $1
    BM Jetstorm left arm - $1
    BW TM2 Nightglider arms - .50 ea.
    BW Drillbit left arm - .50
    BW Noctorro left arm - .50
    BW TM Cheetor upper arm - .50

    BW Inferno left leg - SOLD
    BW Buzzsaw legs (left and right) - $1 ea.
    BW Dinobot (Fox Kids) left leg - $2
    BW Silverbolt (Magnaboss) - right eagle leg - SOLD
    BW Prowl (Magnaboss) right leg - SOLD
    BW TM Depth Charge right leg - SOLD
    BW TM Waspinator right leg - $1
    BW TM2 Spittor left leg - .50
    BW TM2 Nightglider legs - .50 ea.
    BW Grimlock left leg (back hole has been repaired) - $3
    BW Cicadacon (Tripredacus) legs - SOLD
    BM Buzzsaw wing/leg - .50
    BW Airazor (VHS) - left leg (missing foot) - .50
    BW Insecticon right leg - .50

    Other parts
    BW TM2 Spittor body ONLY - $2
    BW Cicadacon left big wing - SOLD
    BW Tigatron tail - SOLD
    BW Dinobot (Fox Kids) tail right half - $1
    BW Sea Clamp (Tripredacus) crawfish legs - SOLD
    BW Grimlock raptor head - $2
    BW Dinobot lower jaw - .50
    BW Dinobot neck flap - .50
    BW TM2 Scourge insect leg - .50
    BW Inferno abdomen sections - SOLD
    Animorphs Ax/Scorpion tail/launcher - $1
    BW Ironhide (Magnaboss) tusk connector - SOLD
    BW Terragator gator head - SOLD
    BW Iguanas foot - .50
    BW Prowl (Magnaboss) front left lion foot - SOLD
    BW Armordillo left foot (no gun) - .50
    BM Thrust claw pieces - .25 ea.
    BW Dinobot (Fox Kids) left raptor arm - $2
    BW Grimlock 2-toe pieces - $1 ea.
    BW TM Tarantulas spider leg - SOLD
    BW Quickstrike arm/cobra head (no bottom jaw) - $1

    RID Landfill (Build Team) pieces (yellow version). It appears that the previous owner attempted to give them a black wash. Only includes what's pictured - $3

    Bunch o' random parts
    Make an offer (Sold parts: RID Wedge legs, RID Grimlock arm, Evac rotors, Arcee head, G1 Ironhide arm)

    Make an offer

    Non-TF stuff

    Battlestar Galactica
    Vintage Cylon Raider (missing missiles and pilot) - make an offer

    Star Trek
    Star Trek First Contact figures and accessories - make an offer on everything

    Make an offer (purple Stegozord traded, gorilla arm sold)

    If you see a piece or figure that is pictured but not listed with a price, feel free to inquire.

    That's it for now. Please check back often as I will keep updating as I get things sorted out. Thanks for looking!
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    I pmd you about MP SS, but guessing you are being strict on the "trade only" thing
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    Starscream trade for what?
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