Huge Lot Over 55 Figures ROTF, Universe, ect

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    Just listed my latest auction I have about three more auctions that I will be listing before its all said and done with.

    ROTF, Universe, HUGE Mega lot of 55 Figures Instant Collection.

    This is pretty much all of the ROTF line, Leaders, Voyagers, Deluxes, Store Exclusives. Some of the highlights, Superion, Bruticus, Leader Jetfire and Prime, HA Bumblebee and Sideswipe, Skywarp, Ice Cream Twins, Ransack, Ejector, Scapel, Whirl with Bludgeon and tons tons more. Check auction for actual listing.

    Also all of the Universe Figures I have are also included in the lot, Acid Storm, Classic Starscream, some deluxes, voyagers, ultra MISB and also a MISB Mighty Mugg Soundwave.

    All of these are mint and complete, should have instructions for all of them as well still.

    Great way to get an instant collection. Havent started collection ROTF yet this is your chance to get almost all of them, have some of these, buy this and resell your duplicates on the Junkion.

    Im just getting out of the hobby. Im saving up for a move in the next month or so so feel free to watch the auction, bid or whatever you would like.
    These come from a smoke free home, all were bought brand new so I am the only one to handle them, and i just had them on display. All are mint and complete. These will be packaged very well. Seperately in ZIPlock bags so they arent rubbing on each other in transit. I work for a moving company so I get professional moving bubble wrap and everything to package these with.

    If you have zero feedback please message me on ebay before bidding so we can discuss your situation. I only ship to USA and only accept Paypal
    Happy Bidding.

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