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    Hi, thanks for looking. I'm about to move my family from Germany to the US, and we're trying to get below our weight allowance, which means it's time to let go of the G1 collection. I would prefer to sell the list below as a single lot. Please PM me or e-mail me at with any offers. I make it a point to charge the buyer only exactly what shipping costs, no more.


    - G1 Reissue Prowl (NMIB: figure was removed from box, displayed, then put back into box. Everything is intact and in excellent condition)
    - G1 Reissue Jazz (NMIB: figure was removed from box, displayed, then put back into box. Everything is intact and in excellent condition)
    - G1 Thrust (complete, includes instructions and flattened box{with wear})
    - G1 Ravage (both missiles included, chrome badly worn on one, and protrusions snapped off)
    - G1 Brawn
    - G1 Seaspray
    - G1 Gears
    - G1 Shockwave (purple version; figure would be in good shape, but casing for hip joint is broken. A smart person would be able to fix it and have it looking like new, but that’s not me.)
    - G1 Twin Twist (3 bodies, all of which still work. Slight wear. 2 guns, 1 instructions.
    - G1 Topspin (jumpstart action no longer works)
    - G1 Blaster (7 out of 10, inc. tech specs & instructions)
    - G1 Brainstorm (in decent shape; comes with HM Arcana, but HM has a broken arm. Instructions included.)
    - G1 Slugslinger (in great shape; comes with TM Caliburst, but TM is broken at the waist. The TM still pegs together without problem)
    - G1 Pretender Birdbrain
    - G1 Pretender Bristleback
    - G1 Pretender Wildfly
    - Armada Cyclonus (MISP, package has some minor scuffs)


    - G1 Bruticus: (missing only Onslaught’s double-barrel missile launcher)
    - G1 Metroplex (missing only small laser pistol and two missiles.)
    - G1 Ultra Magnus lot (trailer (1) cabs (2, one with wear), UM heads (2), chest plates (2), hip plates (2), guns (2), large R&L fists (2 sets), missile launchers (4), missiles (6), small Left fist (1))
    - G1 Scorponok (2 bodies, 1 HM Zarak, 1 huge gun, helmet, 4 photon cannons, and 2 chrome leg guards)
    - G1 Megatron (1 body, good for parts because hinge that holds on head is broken, 1 fusion cannon, 4 parts to stock)
    - G1 Sunstreaker (both fists, both boosters)
    - G1 Reissue Smokescreen (Includes NM Smokescreen & two launchers. Box is included, but badly worn)
    - G1 Mirage (x3, good for parts only, comes with 1 launcher and 1 gun)
    - G1 Tracks (1 gun, 1 missile launcher mount, both missile launchers)
    - G1 Hoist (body somewhat worn, R fist (1) twin blaster (2, one on tree), missile (2, one on tree), both wings, towing platform)
    - G1 Blitzwing (body, tank turret)
    - G1 Springer (body, helicopter blades)
    - G1 Hardhead (has all 3 guns and HM Duros; missing only chest plate)
    - G1 Camshaft (1 gun, 1 missile)
    - G1 Overdrive (1 single-barrel gun)
    - G1 Downshift (2 guns)
    - G1 Grimlock (2 bodies, 2 swords, 1 launcher, 2 double-barrel guns, but one gun has a barrel broken off.)
    - G1 Sludge (1 sword, 1 launcher, 1 gun)
    - G1 Snarl (2 bodies, 1 sword, 1 gun, 1 launcher, 1 missile. One of the bodies is good for parts.)
    - G1 Swoop (3 bodies, 2 launchers, 3 missiles, 1 sword, 1 upper beak, 1 lower beak. Bodies in rough shape: suitable for spare parts)
    - G1 Roadbuster (1 body, 2 large wheel covers, 2 small wheel covers)
    - G1 Warpath (parts)
    - G1 Inferno (right fist, 1 missile, 1 gun)
    - G1 Thrust (2 front wings, 2 rear wings, 2 launchers, 1 landing gear)
    - G1 Blurr (1 gun, 2 bodies, good for parts only)
    - G1 Weirdwolf (comes with Headmaster Monzo, but HM has broken arm, which is included)
    - G1 Nightbeat (missing only right antenna/gun for Headmaster Muzzle)
    - G1 Wreck-Gar (2 bodies, 1 gun, 1 spare wheel)
    - G1 Broadside (2 bodies, 2 axes)
    - G1 Afterburner (1 missiles, 1 pulse cannon)
    - G1 Grand Slam/Raindance (Both cassettes, 3 guns)
    - G1 Pretender Icepick (missing small gun)
    - G1 Pretender Scowl (missing small gun)
    - G1 Pretender Slog (missing small gun and Monstructor head)
    - G2 Jazz (Body good for spare parts; no doors. 1 launcher, 3 missiles.)
    - G2 Slag (1 sword)


    - G1 Wheeljack (worn)
    - G1 Hound (worn)
    - G1 Sandstorm (worn)
    - G1 Prowl (parts)
    - G1 Red Alert
    - G1 Sideswipe (x3, all worn)
    - G1 Astrotrain
    - G1 Grapple (2)
    - G1 Smokescreen (parts)
    - G1 Silverbolt
    - G1 Skydive (2)
    - G1 Slingshot
    - G1 Air Raid
    - G1 Fireflight
    - G1 Dragstrip
    - G1 Scourge
    - G1 Scattershot
    - G1 Repugnus
    - G1 Grotusque
    - G1 Sharkticon Gnaw
    - G1 Octane (worn)
    - G1 Hun-Grrr (worn)
    - G1 Hosehead
    - G2 Brawl


    - G1 Optimus Prime regular laser rifle (1) and gas pump (1)
    - G1 Hot Rod long photon laser (1)
    - G1 Seekers fists (1 set slotted, 1 set unslotted)
    - G1 Seekers landing gear (1)
    - G1 Starscream missile launcher (1), missiles still on tree (both), gun extension still on tree (both)
    - G1 Shockwave barrel
    - G1 Thrust missile launcher (1)
    - G1 Thundercracker rocket (1)
    - G1 Kickback rifle (1)
    - G1 Perceptor missiles (2)
    - G1 Beastbox/Squawktalk gun (1)
    - G1 Hoist/Trailbreaker missiles (2)
    - G1 Soundwave missiles (3)
    - G1 Bombshell rifle (1)
    - G1 Buzzsaw/Laserbeak left cannons (3) and right cannon (1)
    - G1 Ravage right missile (1)
    - G1 Fastland/Cloudraker gravity-rod rifles (1 set)
    - G1 Eject/Rewind silver guns (2)
    - G1 Galvatron gun (1)
    - G1 Rumble/Frenzy cannons (4 complete sets)
    - G1 Mirage missile (1) and launcher (2)
    - G1 Wildrider gun (1)
    - G1 Swindle gyro gun (1) and scatter blaster (1)
    - G1 Bluestreak missile launchers (1 set)
    - G1 Prowl missile launcher (1 set)
    - G1 Smokescreen left missile launcher (1)
    - G1 Bluestreak/Prowl/Smokescreen gun (1) and missiles (3)
    - G1 Hot Spot repair bay arms (2), cannons (2), Defensor left fist (1), Defensor right foot (1)
    - G1 Micromaster Groundshaker missile launcher (1)


    KO Nosecone (no accessories)

    KO Boxed Set, MISB

    KO Silverbolt
    KO Fireflight
    KO Air Raid
    KO Skydive
    KO Slingshot
    KO All Superion parts

    KO Swindle (green)
    KO Blast Off (white)
    KO Vortex (blue)
    KO Bruticus head, feet, hands, gun, back cannon, chest shield, and ramp, all orange

    Fortress Maximus accessories:
    Dual laser blaster (red) (1)
    Mini-laser rifle (grey) (1)
    Laser (dark grey) (1)
    Laser arms (red) (L&R set)
    Gasket (grey, w/grey wheels) (1)
    Grommet (yellow) (1)
    Headmaster Cerebros (grey/white) (1)
    Headmaster Spike (grey w/yellow legs) (1)


    Punch-Counterpunch (worn)


    Bombshell (worn)
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    Fredericksburg, VA
    PM'd, I too am in Germany
  3. SergeantJack

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    Thanks to everybody for the interest. One very cooperative user bought the entire lot, so this sale is closed.

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