Huge lot of MOSC MOTU figs(modern series)

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    I have a huge lot of carded MOTU figures from the modern series that I no longer want/have room for, and figured I'd offer here before going to ebay. Most are MOSC, but there's probably a couple small creases here and there. Without further ado, the complete list:

    Green Snakemen cards
    King Hsss
    Gen. Rattlor
    Snake Hunter He-Man *NOT Snake Armor*
    Snake Crush Skeletor
    Sky Strike Stratos
    Serpent Tracker Mekaneck
    Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms
    redeco Two Bad
    redeco Tri-Klops

    Original red cards
    Ram Man
    Skeletor(brighter neon green/yellow face)
    Two Bad
    Shield Strike He-Man
    Ice Armor He-Man
    Battle Glove Man-At-Arms
    Sky Strike Stratos
    redeco Skeletor aka "Raver" Skeletor :p 
    redeco Tri-Klops
    redeco Trap-Jaw

    Chase Whiplash(card has some creases)
    Chase Man-E-Faces(card has some creases, bubble is damaged)

    For now I just want to sell it all together, as one lot. And I'm asking for $250 for all of it. Any questions, feel free to ask.

    I'm only accepting PayPal, and postal money orders are fine too. Thanks for looking.

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