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    Im not sure if this topic is posted somewhere else. But over at the site The Right Suff they are have the greatest anime sale of the year. Heres the site The site might be down cause so many people are trying to go to the site. It took me a couple of hours last night to get an order in. If you get the site to load there will be a link to the far right of the site called Bountiful Bargains click on that and it'll take you to the list of DVDs in the deal. Dont click on the logo in the middle.


    Geneon's Bountiful Bargains from RightStuf!

    Here's the sweetest deal you may see this season! Until October 1st, take your pick from a wide selection of Geneon's hottest DVD, CD, and UMD releases and pick them up en masse!

    We've got two options available for you, get 10 great Geneon releases for $50 OR get 25 Geneon releases for $100! You don't even have to work the numbers to see how much you can save! Plus, don't forget that both offers will net you free economy shipping!

    Aside from the standard restrictions*, there is just one very important restriction to note: to use these coupons, you cannot have any other items in your cart aside from the items that qualify for the sale and you have to have the exact number of items for the coupon usage as well. In other words, if you're looking to purchase a few other items along with the selections you get with the coupon, you'll have to make a separate order. It's just a minor thing, really!

    This offer is available from now until October 1st, 2006! *Certain restrictions apply, see below for details.

    How? Just use the following reusable coupon codes when you check out through our online store:

    10 Item Coupon Code: BOUNTY10
    25 Item Coupon Code: BOUNTY25
    Expires: 10/1/06 at 11:59 P.M. CST

    Not sure what products are included in the sale? We've made it especially simple, just click on the small graphic reading "Bountiful Items", located on the right-hand side of our main page and you'll be able to page through the item listings with ease!

    *Restrictions: To utilize this coupon, you must put the requisite number of items into your cart, with no other items included, and proceed to checkout. Upon completion of your order, you will see the total charge change to the promotional price. No other coupons or discounts may be applied to orders placed using this promotion. You will be charged for the total promotion price on your initial shipment for your order, and you may receive separate shipments to complete your order at our option. Once your order is placed, you cannot cancel the order or substitute items on your order, with the exception that you may substitute an item with another item which is also eligible for the promotion. Some titles are available only while supplies last. Should stock be exhausted for an item you ordered, you will be contacted by customer service and given the opportunity to substitute another eligible item.

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