HP Photosmart R717 Flash help please!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sol Fury, Apr 15, 2007.

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    Not sure how many of you are familiar with this kind of camera. Bascially, the little bulb that creates the flash on my camera has died on me. I don't use the flash too often - only when I'm taking odd pictures away from my lighting setup, for example when I go into work to take photos of people's birthdays for the boss' newsletter and stuff.

    Anyhow, since it is a built in flash, I'd be interested to know if anyone knows of a way to replace the bulbs. It's two years old now so out of warranty, and I think it's even been discontinued by HP so I doubt they will be much help. Darned annoying, though, while I don't use the flash much, I was going to bring this little guy to Botcon with me to get some photos. If I can't fix it I'll probably have to get another camera.

    Any advice? Do you think I might be able to replace the flashbulb myself?

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