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    i have been giving this a bit of thought lately

    imagine a elseworlds style storyline , one set in a idw style g1 continuity.

    one in which it was instead the decepticons who got their afts handed to them and were banished to cybertron

    one in which the autobots have entered into a lasting alliance with we humans to form a human/autobot earth defense command style of military police force

    in a nutshell people it would be in equal part a storyline that is a cross between brave command dagwon/ brave police j-decker with it being at the same time a transformer adaption of the 2 while at the same time adapting certain elements of each of those brave series into this transformers elseworld style continuity

    i could actually see this kind of storyline being explored as a gritty detective/police drama

    hell i could even see a roll call scene with prowl in which said scene is a respectable homage to this show
    YouTube - roll call

    what with prowl being the by the book type i could all too easily see his character in a scene like that

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