How to SUCCESSFULLY Remove Pins From Your Figures?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by GrimlockAutobot, Apr 30, 2011.

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    There are times when I get a figure that is perfect in some areas but, not so perfect in others QC-wise.

    When I have the $$$ I buy multiples and parts swap until I end up with a perfect figure from a QC standpoint.

    My only issue is, when a part is attached using pins, I'm not able to remove them because I know nothing about removing pins and then putting them back.

    Can my fellow TFW2005 boardmembers please tutor me in this subject??

  2. MonkeyBusiness

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    Well, a good place to start for information would be the Radicons boards. If you do any kind of painting or modding, you learn how to remove pins quickly.

    The first thing to do is identify which part of the pin has the textured end. That's the part that's holding it in place. Usually, the untextured end is set deeper than the textured one.

    Now, once you identify which end is which, you need to decide how to remove it: force or heat.

    Basically, you can either take a hammer and a small, cylindrical object (I use finishing nails) and bang it out, or you can use a soldering iron or hot tool to heat the pin up and push it out.

    Both ways have risks. With the force method, you run the risk of missing and hitting something important or fragile. Also, you could break whatever it is you're trying to remove.

    With the heat method, it's not 100% effective, due to the heat tolerances of the various kinds of ABS plastic. Also, if you apply too much heat, you can melt the plastic around the pin, causing it to warp. Also, if you apply too much force pushing it out, you can accidentally drive your heat tool into the plastic and melt something unintentional.

    Either way, with a little practice, you'll be fine.
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    Not gonna lie. When I first saw this thread, I thought it said "How to SUCCESSFULLY Remove Pins From Your Fingers".

    I laughed, and then figured it was worth mentioning.

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