Customs: How to get the best out of PotP Starscream?

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    So, I have PotP Starscream, as well as Blackwing and Dreadwind, and I'm using Dragstrip and Mirage as his combiner arms. But I'm not all that happy with him, in part because of how fragile he is in places, certain annoying ratchets and hinges, and those stickers that are already peeling off. Anyone got any suggestions for improving him?

    (BTW, Mirage and Dragstrip are largely in the role of Zapmaster and Swindle from Armada - which works fine for me as I don't have regular Swindle and Mirage felt a bit odd. They aren't modded, although I would like to do that to get more of the feel of those two)

    EDIT: So here is how he looks at the moment, he looks quite nice and bulky, as he should do, as a combiner, but he's got a few problems.
    Starscream's normal elbows sit mid-way up the combiner thigh. Now, I know there is a bit of a soft click, but that doesn't hold very well with such heavy legs! Also his stickers are already starting to peel off, which doesn't look too great.

    I'd like to mod Dragstrip and Mirage to look like Swindle and Zapmaster, but since both were mini-cons and probably wouldn't look too great as Voyager class figures, I'm not certain where to go with them.

    Annoyingly, Starscream's imposing (from this angle) null-ray upgrades don't look so imposing when taken off and used as rifles, partially as they use Starscream's Prime Armour, which as we should know is ridiculously hollow. They also give him a bit of extra height on his back, which I think is needed when you intend on being imposing. Due to the pistols forming the Null-rays lower barrels, they don't sit straight in his hands either.
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