How to clean/cut chain?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Tampalicious, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I tried to find this answer online , but it was only giving me bicycle information. I was hoping one of you could help out.

    You know the Matrix that comes with BiS? Well Im sure Im not the only one that bought one of these Years ago on ebay. It came in a little baggie (with Powermaster Op artwork), it was painted, it was made out of a different, lighter material, but looks the same. And it came with that chain.

    Over time, that chain now looks dirty and dingy. I am planning on soaking it in dishsoap. Is this going to work? If so, how long do I soak it? I am planning on using the chain for Wreck-Gar , as a nod to when he hogtied Roddy and gave him the Hate Plague. I realize a dirtied look may work, but really Im not weathering the figure so it just looks bad. Lol.

    Also, do you guys know how to cut the chain smaller, so I can possibly use the chain ends to hold the Matrix without all that slack, so it can fit Protector. Should I go to a watch repair shop or something?

    Thanks guys
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    I used some leftover chain from installing a new flapper valve in my toilet so it's corrosion resistant and should never tarnish/rust. All you have to do to shorten a chain is remove some links. Get wire snips and make a snip in the link you want to be an end piece, remove the excess links, bend the snipped link so you can slip the matrix into it and then bend it back into shape. done. You can just see where the left(Cyclonus' left) link is cut in this pic. Make sure to cut it on the long side.


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