How The '86 Movie 20th Anniversary Got Me Back Into Transformers

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    I haven't posted here in a bit, but for the 30th anniversary I wanted to share this story.
    When I was little the 20th Anniversary rolled around and my Dad knew how much I was digging Transformers. I had been watching the Beast Wars series on reruns on G4 and stuff so that got me into it. For some reason or another I fell off and was losing interest as kids tend to do in things at times. But something stopped me from losing that interest.

    Holiday season rolls around. What do I get? Masterpiece Optimus Prime and the 20th Anniversary Edition of Transformers the Movie. I had seen very little of G1 at this point, so 7 year old me was like "What's this?" I watched it and long story short, here I am now, still reading the comics, watching the cartoons, etc. After I saw that movie I bought a ton of the Classics figures and that's when my collection began.
    I rewatch the movie every year around now to experience the thing that kept me interested in a franchise that has helped shape who I am today.

    I just find it nice to think back to that and realise how in my heart, Transformers saved itself and then basically took over like a damned parasite. But a parasite I love and live symbiotically with.

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