how might animated megatron look done up classics style?

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    just my thoughts but i actually think that a fighter bomber jet helicoptor hybrid design would be the way to go on the matter

    let me know how this strikes you

    cybertron vector primes head

    energon bulkhead for the body minus the arms hands and shoulders

    with them being swapped out for cybertron defense scattershots shoulders arms hands and the lower arm mounted multimissile weapons pods salvaged

    minus the entire main rotary back pack weapon thing

    with that being replaced with beast wars 2 galvatrons dragon wings backpack
    to fully convert the helicoptor vehicle mode to a hybrid heiljet style cybertronian bomber plane gunship combo

    maybe even mod the wings/backpack parts to include the tribarrol machine gun/combo missile pods from beast wars tigerhawks inner wing assembly as well

    all together that would give megatron a body with some serious firepower with the lower arm mounted multimissile pods instead serving as a set of heavy duty fusion pulse cannons , inner wing moutned tribarrol machine gun ports/missile canons waist /hip mounted duel missile cannons and razor sharp blades on the outer wing sections of the backpack

    throw in cybertron wing sabers swords for good measure and a g1 animated megatron paintjob and that would make for a very extremely suitable animated meets retro g1 style body for megatron to have.

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