How do you use the UPC correctly?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by flamingunicron, Aug 4, 2009.

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    I know that each product has their own unique upc code. Now the question is what store can use the UPC to actually find the product?

    Heres my experience hunting:
    Target uses their DPCI system. Can they use the UPC code to actually search for an invididual figure?

    I've tried using it at Wal-Mart, but I went to a store using Jetfire's UPC and the person said the UPC is shared with the other leaders. Now is that right or is the worker just full of bs and to lazy to find the figure?

    At Toys R Us, whenever i call them they ask for a 6 digit identification number and the UPC is 12...I think they use an SKU number? Is that correct?

    I hope this made sense and if you could help me out that would be great.

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    As far as Walmart, they might consider that an assortment. Which means they will share the same UPC.
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    Target's dpcis are only useful for new items. If your trying to find something from a later wave you just have to go look.

    I honestly have had no luck getting Toysrus or walmart to look up anything for me.

    In my experience the best thing to do for Toysrus is call and ask what their truck days are. It should only be once or twice a week. Call in the morning of the truck day and ask if they got a shippment of whatever your looking for.

    As for wal-mart the only thing tat works for me is going at around 11:00 pm and checking the pallets as they come off the dock. If you know your wave numbers you dont have to dig or anything. It's listed on the sides of the box. If you see something new grab it when nobodies looking and stock it.
  4. videriant

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    Target uses the DPCI system but if you find a nice friendly employee they might check the UPC for you in the stockroom. It's easier to tell them the DPCI and describe the item to them though a la "the ice cream truck". Because of the DPCI system, using the find-it-at-a-store is useless for a specific item.

    Walmart uses UPC for checkout. Some items, like Bakugan, in which there is millions will have the same UPC with an additional number. Transformers shouldn't though. I've never asked for an inventory check at Walmart since I get dirty enough looks asking for a price check.

    Toys R Us' six digit number for items can usually be found in the item description if the item is online. When you checkout the system uses the UPC though. The nice thing about the six digit number is that if you know it you can ask the employees at TRU to check to see if it is in stock at any of the nearby TRU.

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