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    i have a junkion blacksmith evil leader that i am using as a micromaster sized nemesis prime headmaster figure for my custom bashed fansprojet bruticus

    the basic idea is that i want to use nemesis prime as a kind of emisary headmaster controller for bruticus in which onslaught would form the corebody itself, starscream would form the chest and breastplate armor and nemesis prime himself would form the entire head for the bruticus combiner form

    mind meld wise it would be nemesis prime and onslaught sharing joint control of the combiner form while swindle brawl vortex and blast off
    would provide information starscream would provide information data analysis and starscream onslaught and nemesis prime would formulate strategy from it on the spot

    the combaticons as a rogue decepticon combiner team would be in their way a intelligent bruiser computron when in their merged form of bruticus

    so far i have managed to mod nemesis prime so that his head and spinal columb piece can slide completely out of the body head slot in a free moving manner and i would liek to somehow modify the neck mount piece in onslaughts backpack so that nemesis prime in head mode can somehow attach to a connector piece on the neck mount itself

    what woudl be the best way for me to go about doing this?

    as for nemesis primes head and spinal column i have drilled a hole into the top center of onslaughts body just beneath the necck colum b itself so that nemesis prime's head and spiunal column can be stored away inside of onslaughts upper bodywhden onslaught is transformed to combiner form

    basicly in story wise nemesis primes body serves as the actual head for the bruticus combiner form while nemesis primes head and spianl column serves as the data connector interface between the head and the bruticus combiner form itself

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