Customs: how do i give energon skyblast posable knee joints ?

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    does anybody here know a good way to mod energon skyblast through the upper legs so that he actually has a set of fully posable kneejoints ?

    right now i have removed the steel pins which attach his upepr and lower legs together and bot parts of the upper legs together and i think it might be possible to custom mod the upper half of each upper leg in such a way that it would still look normla from the front and side panels

    but with the mod requireing enough empty room to be made in the top half of skyblasts upper legs

    so that a set of modified hollow dowl rod shaped technic folding joints could be fitted into place inside of the hollowed out space in the two parts of skyblasts upper legs with the technic parts serving asa set of clickety folding jointed knees for the figures legs in robot mode with out increasing or reducing the overall original length of skyblasts upper legs so that all the parts still fold up properply and can tab together right in vehicle mode

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